Where is the Deaf Voice in Politics?

Another vlog by Melvin Patterson…

(Editor’s note:



  1. After watching what you describe your goals here, I am impressed what you are trying to achieve here for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I strongly felt that I would like to give you my support and would like to discuss with you on this matter further. However, how can I get your email address? (I understand you rather keep your privacy I respect that).

    Another thing here that concerns me, I understand we all should donate at least 20.00 or up to get support from the president, or someone to support us and defend our rights. I am willing to help out as much as I can to support whatever needed.

    Also, why don’t you get the signature sheet set up and ask all the Deaf and Hard of Hearing peoples to sign their names and then after collect all the signatures you can even go through the Deaf clubs and walk around the neighborhood to ask for their support and go to Bill of Rights at Washington DC. Hope that should do it. Of course all of the deaf and Hard of Hearing peoples should go to Washington DC to raise our voices along with interpreters. I am pretty sure Hearing peoples find deep in their hearts to help us out to sign their names to support us.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Great video – I feel inspired to donate $20..or more. You may want to start a donation site on this website, and then promote its existence at events like the NAD conference in New Orleans. I feel if we have a unifying force in the deaf community, we can then have a voice and an IMPACT in the political scene. This website is a good start!

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