Elephant Thumping

As of May 8th, after Indiana and North Carolina primaries…



  1. i support deaf republican and john mccain best and keep war . the u s a do not lose and if happeny iran or other country can attack to u s a . you should watch out it is very importnat

  2. I’m sorry that you support John McCain and deaf Republicans. I love the concept of the Department of Peace. I also agree with the need to keep the Department of Defense, but not for elephant hawk brains to justify going to war … We have Department of Defense, That means we can go play with our guns, tanks, fighter jets, etc. Maybe we can steal oil! Ain’t that a great idea??? After all, have you seen *my* muscles? It’s a lose-lose game; not fun.

    *No thanks* to 4 more years of the WolfOrWitch (Wolfowitz) and the Bush Doctrine. Because of their hawk feathered elephant brains, we are now spending *more* money on war and *less* in the support of *every* American’s basic inalienable rightts: Life, LIberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Go Doves! Go Dems!

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