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Special Thanks from the Deaf Democrats

July 9, 2009

MMM thanks banner2

It has been a month since the Deaf Democrats blog published a special tribute to Marcella M. Meyer, the last of true Deaf warriors. The outpouring has been rather huge, and this tribute became our most popular posting, with the highest number of hits ever for a single posting. This goes to show the kind of impact Marcella M. Meyer has had on our lives.

Ever since the special tribute came out, a memorial service honoring Marcella M. Meyer took place at the Greater Los Angeles Agency for the Deaf (GLAD) on Sunday, June 14th, with approximately 350 people in attendance. Furthermore, the Los Angeles Times newspaper ran two obituaries on her, one in the regular obituary section and the other one as a feature story published after her memorial service.

As further evidence of Marcella M. Meyer’s widespread reach to people from different walks of life, the Los Angeles City Council proclaimed this past June 14th (the day of her memorial service) as Marcella M. Meyer Day throughout the whole city. On June 23rd, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors closed its meeting with a tribute to Marcella and issued a proclamation in her honor. The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is currently working on a special feature honoring her to be included in the next NAD NEWS issue.

The family of Marcella M. Meyer has been deeply touched by all this and some family members have not realized the extent of Marcella’s influence until now. The Deaf Democrats editors want to thank everyone for expressing their sentiments through various avenues. It is still a challenge for many of us to comprehend a world without Marcella M. Meyer; however, we can take great comfort in knowing that our lives have been made richer by her impact on us all!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


Hillary Comes Back Alive! Race Still On!

March 5, 2008

Not over for Hillary

Well, well, well…. The race is still on!!! All because Hillary Clinton yesterday won Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas while Barack Obama won Vermont. This continues the saga of the “Comeback Kid”, now Part 2. An amazing thing about the primaries last night was that Hillary won Ohio and Rhode Island with double-digit leads. Furthermore, Hillary delivered another black eye to the Kennedy family by winning “Little Rhody,” home to Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Now this is 3-0, Hillary vs. the Kennedys, with the two other states being Massachusetts and California (home of Maria Shriver, a Kennedy granddaughter). There is something wrong with the whole picture for the Kennedys.

Let’s not fool ourselves… The race is still wide open, even though mathematically speaking, Obama maintains a lead, but a rather slim one. Now several political pundits are saying that we need to take another look at the Democratic race itself. While Obama has enjoyed a string of 11 victories, he has not been able to carry crucial states and battleground states. The only states of any significance he has won are Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota, whereas Hillary Clinton has already carried major states such as California, New York, and New Jersey, and also crucial swing states in a general election like Ohio, Michigan and Florida, and also other key battleground states including Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Mexico. We need to look at the “electability” issue again!

However, the media now says that Hillary needs to win Pennsylvania to stay alive in the race. What is the media’s problem?? First the media said Hillary would need to win Ohio and Texas with double-digit leads last night, which Hillary pretty much accomplished. Now they say this about winning Pennsylvania. Are we seeing a double standard at play here? Why are they giving Hillary a hard time? Why don’t they do the same to Obama?

Also, we are detecting a very disturbing trend. We first heard about this 3 weeks ago through conversations with friends across the country. Women have been saying that if Obama ends up being the Democratic nominee, they will switch their votes to John McCain. This trend has been confirmed last night by Pat Buchanan, a Republican commentator on MSNBC Hardball show, recalling a conversation with several Miami, Florida women who expressed exactly the same sentiment. On the other side of the coin, several exit polls showed that the Obama voters would not vote for Hillary if she became the Democratic nominee.

The dream that George W. Bush and Karl Rove had of establishing a “permanent Republican majority” now moves dangerously closer and closer to becoming a reality. Of course, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors cannot help wonder if it was Bush and Rove’s plan all along to put Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama together in a contest to really split up the Democratic Party? If so, this may explain this huge flux of cash into the Democratic race this year, at a rather unprecedented pace, so the candidates can destroy each other. Then the Republicans can run a cost-effective presidential campaign. This question will nag us all for the rest of this election year and maybe afterwards.

Several weeks ago, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors did mention in our article, AN OBAMA SWEEP, dated February 10th, that the race looked real interesting. We told our readers to get ready for a wild ride and to have their neck braces ready on hand. See what we meant by this?? This is already one wild and crazy ride!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


The 2008 Race — Hope vs. Paranoia & Cynicism?

March 2, 2008

by CB Buchholz

hope cynicism 2

At a restaurant dinner last Friday night, this same conversation topic came up — Hillary and Obama and the whole presidential race. And the conversation ended with a new twist that left me thinking. My dinner partners were members of the Generation X, and they pointed out to my political thinking being based on paranoia or cynicism.

Then I came home to find a comment from Ben Vess under theThree More States for Obama article. Mr. Vess asked this — “Never mind, You guys endorsed Clinton for President and Obama for Veep… curious question, would you fully support Obama if Hillary loses?”

This question could not come at a more opportune time. In fact, this past week the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors have been holding behind-the-scene discussions on this topic and other related topics. More specifically, these discussions focused on whether to move this dialogue to the next level, into some uncharted terriroty. This involves some risk, but a necessary risk just to get this out in the open. After all, this is OUR country and OUR electoral process.

In response to my dinner partners’ comments about my political thinking, I say this — my thinking is based on my life experiences and nobody can take this away from me! At the time of my birth, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president, but as far as I’m concerned, John F. Kennedy was my first president, when I first gained political consciousness at the age of 7. How I remember this drop-dead gorgeous JFK, and his huge and handsome clan and their pets! And this house they occupied that we all called the White House! And the TV newsreels and photos coming out of the family compound at Hyannis Port and Hickory Hill, Robert F. Kennedy’s estate in Virginia! It was Camelot in the fullest sense of the word.

In those days, Route 66 was very much the bloodstream of America while the interstate highway system was being built. Air travel in these days was such a novelty that we had to wear our Sunday clothes and white gloves just to travel in those propeller planes! And my two older sisters were very much into the bobby sox and twist dance culture! The television medium had not yet realized its power and potential. I still remember vividly the kind of America in these days — full of idealism, prosperity and optimism, almost like living in Disneyland year-round. And we had the right president at the right time.

The first inklings that things were not right with the world occured through the civil rights movement in the South, through TV newsreels showing African-Americans being attacked by German Shephard dogs and fire hoses. How could such cruelty be possible? Then the world came crashing down on November 22, 1963, with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. In the next several days known as the Four Dark Days, the television medium realized its full potential when millions of American viewers witnessed the murder of Kennedy’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, on our TV screens. Then there was the full spectacle of the president’s funeral and his burial at Arlington National Cemetary. That was a day when the whole country literally shut down. How could one explain these events to a 10-year-old kid like myself?

The remainder of the 1960s passed by with several more assassinations — Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. Also there were racial riots, the escalating Vietnam war and the ensuing anti-war protests, highlighted by the one at Kent State University (in Ohio) where my cousin’s roommate was one of the 4 students killed by the National Guardsmen. Heck, my cousin herself could have gotten killed! Those were truly the days of RAGE!

All these events comprised the political education that many people of my generation and I acquired by the time I entered college. I kept thinking that somehow things would get better in the world — a mindset that was deflated in no time. The Vietnamese war spiraled out of control, and then there was the Watergate scandal which culminated in President Nixon’s resignation. Also during the 1970s, there was a near-assassination of Alabama governor George C. Wallace who was running for President, and an assassination attempt made on President Gerald Ford. Then the newly-inaugurated President Ronald Reagan got shot in 1981.

While still on the subject of assassinations, around the world in my lifetime, there was Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin, India’s Indira Gandhi and later her son Rajiv Gandhi, Philippines’ Ninoy Aquino whose murder led to his wife Cory taking over and ousting Ferdinando Marcos, Britain’s John Lennon (a cultural assassination) and Lord Louis Mountbatten whose deaf sister was mother to Prince Phillip (husband of Queen Elizabeth II), and most recently, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan.

You may think that I seem obsessed with assassinations, but that is not the case. All these assassinations and near-assassinations, both in our nation and aboard, happened within my lifetime and I haven’t reached the age of 55 years yet! One interesting trend I’ve noticed is that regardless of where these leaders stood on the political spectrum, they all were considered “agents of change.”

Which leads to this notion… Hope and change may be too much of a luxury that we just cannot buy into. In this election year, we are faced with several serious issues — the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nuclear threats, the economy, health care crisis, a weakened educational system, energy & global warming, and the immigration situation with 12 million illegals in our nation today. Therefore, we need some hard-nosed answers or solutions. This may explain why some voters become real nervous when they hear words and promises of change to come, and when they see where the presidential race is headed these days.

The emergence of Barack Obama seems to imply a return to the days of Camelot, and that’s what some of us are struggling with. We are living in a much different world today, very unlike the 1950s and 1960s. Also, our Camelot experiences ended in pain and disillusionment. To the charges of “paranoia” and “cynicism,” we say — NOT SO FAST! Our views are based on reality and pragmatism, coming from the kind of history we grew up with and lived through. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF CAMELOT ALL GROWN UP!

Our country has reached this point where, like in the Parker Brothers board game LIFE, we are arriving in a space called “A Day of Reckoning.” The American voters are now faced with a choice between EXPERIENCE to get us through an uncertain future and CHANGE, a promise of better things to come. This is why the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors have endorsed both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to run on the same ticket.

In this election year, everyone has been focusing on the electability of the candidates, and there is a multitude of polls everywhere. We say — do not put too much faith in polls. We have yet to see the real America speak out, and this will happen on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.

Thus, your vote is very crucial as it can determine what kind of future we all will live in… Think hard on your choices and vote through your heart! Good luck to Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island this coming Tuesday!

(Pictured in the news banner above, left to right: Britain’s Lord Louis Mountbatten; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan; the Kennedy brothers; and Malcolm X.)

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


Three More States for Obama!!

February 22, 2008

3 more states abroad

Barack Obama has enjoyed another sweep, this time with 3 more states on Tuesday, February 19th and with Democrats Aboard, a votig bloc of Americans residing outside of the United States and its territories. Media reports have been buzzing over the fact that Obama has gone 11-0 ever since Super Tuesday, a streak that is now leaving a lot of doubts about the future of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Go take a look at our Deaf Eyes Map and you can see Obama sweeping across the country.

Very little notice has been given to this bloc known as Democrats Aboard. Its process is a mixutre of primary and caucus, over a period of one week, starting on February 5th in Indonesia and going around the globe and ending in the Americas on February 12th. Obama won 65% of the votes from Democrats Aboard. The voitng process of Democrats Aboard takes place in 3 phases — primary/caucus this month, then 3 regional caucus March 15 – April 11th, and then a global convention on April 12th.

This bloc will send 22 delegates, worth .5 vote each, to the Democratic National Convention. Out of these 22 delegates, 8 will be superdelegates who will comprise a total of 4 votes. You may ask about the logic behind this whole process, and we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors are still researching on this matter!!!

Anyway, back to the news at hand, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff have declared Texas and Ohio to be her last-stand states. If she doesn’t win them, then it may be all over for her… And already Obama and Republican John McCain have started trading barbs, starting with their wives about pride over our country. The nasty season has already BEGUN!!


An Endorsement from DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors…

February 18, 2008

Dream Demo Ticket

After many observations through our Deaf Eyes, and checking on our Deaf Gut Checker, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors have come up with some interesting thoughts on the whole Democratic race. These days there is an endorsement craze going on with the superdelegates being wooed by both Democratic candidates. Although we will never be counted as superdelegates, we certainly don’t want to miss the endorsing boat! Also, we want our Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters to be HEARD!!

Yes, you read it right — we are endorsing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be on the same ticket! You may ask WHY? To this, we say WHY NOT?? In this election year of 2008, we now have got not one, but TWO superstars running! So why do we have to pick one over the other?? That kind of choice will probably split the Democratic Party and give the Republicans a real strong chance at winning the White House again.

We pick Hillary Clinton to run as President with Barack Obama running as Vice President. This is based on our Deaf Common Sense!! We are looking at the age factor of both candidates, and it will do more justice to have Hillary serve as president first for 8 years and then Obama as president for another 8 years, meaning 16 years of DEMOCRATIC REIGN!! We relish the idea of such reign, oh boy! But then we may need THAT MUCH time to clean up the mess created by our current president!!

Another reason we chose Hillary as president with Obama following her is because we all just know that the Republicans will take advantage of Obama’s lack of experience and use this in a Swift Boat fashion. Yes, people have claimed that Obama may be the next John Kennedy (JFK), but we beg to differ here. There is an excellent book on sale now, “Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman,” which provides deep insights into his education and upbringing as the son of the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain at the outbreak of the Second World War. While in Great Britain, JFK received his “other education” by witnessing the events leading to the war and by associating heavily with the British ruling class while performing as an “assistant” to his ambassador father. Obama is a product of completely different circumstances and life experiences that formed him into the extraordinary person that he is today. Therefore, any comparisons between JFK and Obama may be unfair to Obama himself.

By having Hillary and Obama on the same ticket, we can take away many weapons the Republicans may throw at this duo, especially in the area of experience. With Hillary at the helm, Obama will have 8 years of intense education before taking over the helm, and the Republicans can’t do a darn thing! Another reason we picked Hillary is that during this primary season, Hillary has withstood all the scathing attacks and has shown that she could play with the boys at their game. To our Deaf Eyes, Hillary has proven to be capable of going after all the “bad boys” (and also bad girls) of the world.

The beauty of Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket is the kind of voters they will attract — women, African-Americans, Hispanics, youth, retirees, etc. This will definitely give the Democrats a real fighting chance of winning back the White House! Furthermore, with this ticket, it will be the first time in our national history that such a ticket represents true diversity!

For the reasons mentioned above and based on DEAF COMMON SENSE, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors endorse Hillary and Obama to run together as a STRONG and SOLID TEAM, to run concurrent presidencies for the next 16 years, rather than just for 8 years!! No need to pick one over the other, period!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


VLOG — I, Tar, Endorse Hillary Clinton for U.S. President 2008!

February 17, 2008

Length of vlog — 6:03


A VLOG Response to “Change 4 Deaf”

February 14, 2008

A note from the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors — This vlog was made in response to Melvin Patterson’s vlogs, “Change 4 Deaf”, Parts 1 & 2. We believe that Tar’s articulate support of Senator Hillary Clinton deserves to be put here in this blog. Thanks!