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The DEAF DEMOCRATS blog is brought to you by CB Buchholz and Vikee Waltrip in order to provide voter education to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Anyone interested in contributing articles to this blog are strongly encouraged to contact either of these ladies.

Christine Buchholz, better known as “CB”, resides in New Mexico where she serves as a state commissioner for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She got involved with Deaf Democrats during the last presidential election (2004), using her NEW MEXICO DEAF NEWS as a vehicle to distribute information. Currently CB finds it very intriguing to be living in the same state as Mike McConnell, a nationally known Deaf blogger and a renowned Deaf Republican!

Vikee Waltrip, actress, artist and adventurer, enjoys her down time deep in Southern Illinois (There’s Chicago, then there is a state called ILLINOIS) when she’s not traveling all over the country performing. and running her own company, DeafCasting.com. Politics has been in her blood from an early age, while growing up with a single mother. Vikee believes if more deaf people would put aside their differences and simply focus on ISSUES such as closed captioning and other technology advancements, such as computer technology and access, the Deaf community can be a powerhouse that will make the candidates sit up and listen.

Bryen Yunashko
An excerpt from his blogsite, ChatWithBryen discussing various issues affecting the Deaf community, including politics, technology, Deaf-Blindness and social/community topics:

“Hi, I’m Bryen. Some of you have known me in my younger days as Yuko. I’m (blah-blah) years old and as good looking as ever!

My alma maters are:
St. John’s School for the Deaf (Milwaukee, WI)
Rocyemore Preparatory (Evanston, IL)
Gallaudet College/University (Washington, D.C.)
Cal State University-Northridge (Los Angeles, CA)
I’m interested in a number of things in life, and as you continue to read my postings, you’ll find out just what they are. So, stick around, because we’ve all got something to say!”

To contact either CB or Vikee,

Happy reading and happy voting!!



  1. Love the blog … I am still learning how to navigate it..heheheh..I think it is terrific! Both of you Rock! And Goooooooo Hillary! p.s she is in LA today and has the support of the mayor of L.A.
    Hugs Margie

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  3. Congrats on your new website! Am enjoying reading y’all’s perspective. I must be a lone shark out there, but I’m a Kucinich man. Make love, not war! Hillary has made too many votes in the direction of the Republicans insofar as the war is concerned. Put Hillary against McCain in the end, I’ll take Hillary any day! By the way, notice how people *don’t* refer to her as *Mrs.* Clinton? 🙂 Good luck to all Dems. May we be green, clean, free, and have peace.

  4. Then Ken, ol boy, How about writing something abt Kuchinich? We’d be HAPPY to post it for you 🙂

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