Is McCain Taking Acid or What?

October 2, 2008

nullThese days, it is becoming more and more fun to watch TV news and other media, just to see the latest escapades of the McCain/Palin team! Apparently we thought our lives would be quiet again after the massive media coverage of the Beijing Olympics. We never anticipated that the presidential politics would create high drama, providing great fodder for nightly entertainment on numerous TV shows, especially the Saturday Night Live show!

First of all, Senator John McCain DID show up at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi to debate with the Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama. Right there, McCain shot his own credibility because at the time of the debate at Ole Miss, a bailout package had not been agreed on yet. When he announced the suspension of his campaign, he said he would focus on the bailout issue and would not attend the debate until a bill was passed or something solid was in the works. At the time of the debate, no bailout plan was formulated yet.

The debate itself provided several eye-openers. For one thing, not once did McCain look at Senator Obama, and this body language itself was very telling. In our last posting, we raised the question of possible racism involved, and we also discussed the significance of the debate taking place at Ole Miss of all places. For McCain to completely ignore Obama except to scream at him at Ole Miss certainly brought flashes of racism for some viewers. The days of Old Jim Crowe ain’t over yet, not just yet!!

Another startling thing to come out of the debate was the language John McCain used against Obama — Obama doesn’t understand, he doesn’t seem to understand, he just don’t understand, etc. Obama himself portrayed a steadfastness which polls later showed to have an impact on American viewers as his numbers kept increasing. McCain’s use of these lines gave material to the Saturday Night Life spoof the next night along with Tina Fey’s guest appearance portraying Sarah Palin, a portrayal that provided millions of laughter across the country.

Thirdly, another spectacle of this first presidential debate was John McCain’s body language, other than refusing to look at Senator Obama. His face showed a lot of tension, with jaws clenching at times, eyes blinking constantly, and on several occasions he seemed about to blow his temper, which he smiled inappropraitely instead but then he showed his clenched teeth!! The group I was watching the debate with ended up rooting for Obama to push a button in McCain and let him throw a tantrum; unfortunately this display of his legendary temper did not happen on nationwide TV.

This was how the debate went this past Friday night in Oxford, Mississippi. Over the weekend, John McCain ran into another bloop when on Sunday night and early Monday morning, he ran an ad claiming credit for helping resolve the economic crisis by putting together a bailout package. He ran this ad several hours before the House of Representatives delivered a stunning defeat to the bailout bill!

Then yesterday, McCain finally blew off some steam during a televised interview with Des Moines newspaper editorial board. When asked about the rumors of dropping Sarah Palin from the Republican ticket after a series of embarrassing interviews with the media including Katie Couric, McCain got feisty and said that he did not see any data indicating that Sarah Palin was a liability, including his private polls, party leadership and among his base, and that he thought Palin was doing great! This in spite of the most recent national poll where 51% of those asked thought that Palin was not qualified at all, not even as a vice president!

Really, each day brings on a more bizarre aspect to the whole presidential campaign, an aspect that makes Senator Barack Obama come across as very even-minded and even-handed. Once again, is McCain in touch with reality? Is he high on something like acid or what?

Now the latest from McCain — he believes that his Veep candidate Sarah Palin will do very well in the Veep debate in St. Lous and that he has full confidence in her. We shall seeeeeeeee…..

Go Joe Biden, GO GO GO!!!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Wow, did you see the recent attack? The Republican National Committee filed a complaint Monday alleging that Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has received illegal contributions from foreigners and donations that exceed federal limits.
    The complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission is based largely on media reports, including one from a conservative news Web site that suggests donors who listed their state as “IR” may have been from Iran. In FEC reports, the designation “IR” typically stands for “information requested” because the donor did not supply it.

    Also, please alert me when you post new articles. I love your site!

  2. Second debate was another oh hum boring, nothing exciting. However this time, I get to see McCain’s body language toward the audience. So arkward like. He’s just not comfortable without a podium.

    As for Obama, I must admit I was disappointed how he answered the questions. Lack details and substance.

    For once, I want to hear him answer the questions in everyday language almost to the point of engaging us.

    Will see, he just brought half hour tv time. Lets see if he can explain clearer what I want to hear.

    Go Democrat!

    Did you hear, a Gay Democrat running for Congress from Boulder, Co. Thats big news… especially from the home state of Dr. James Dobson. http://www.focusonthefamily.com

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