Hi, McCain? Hello? HELLO??

September 26, 2008

Do we all need a huge reality check? Or is it Senator John McCain who is in a SEVERE need of a reality check?? Apparently McCain thinks he can continue to trivialize this election, and he probably gets his tips and tactics from the 1997 movie, “Wag the Dog,” a comedy on the electoral process being manipulated by creating artificial situations.

After months and months of relatively quiet campaigning for the nomination, McCain suddenly occupied all our attention and the media’s attention, whether intentionally or inadvertently, starting around the time of the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

First, Senator John McCain did not know how many houses he owned and that he would have to ask his wife about it. Shortly after, an announcement came that McCain had never touched a computer, much less send an email message. Yet a bizarre announcement followed this one – that McCain invented the Blackberry pager! Hahaha, someone who has never composed an e-mail invented the pager???

Then Senator McCain made a surprise announcement on his choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, after talking with her only twice (depending on which media report you read) and claiming that she was adequately vetted for this role. Then we got this Troopergate and the Bridge to Nowhere, and now most recently a home video showing Sarah Palin receiving a “blessing” at an Assembly of God church from an African pastor who claimed to have “cured” witch doctors!

These events/incidents made one wonder about John McCain’s judgment skills and soundness as a leader. However, several more incidents further raised even more questions. A few weeks ago, when asked about our economy, McCain made this now often-repeated quote, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong…” This quote was made right BEFORE our economy came crashing down!

Another area of concern was the handling of his Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. The media were deprived of access to her, as the campaign decided on a “blackout” for Palin and accused the media of “sexism” when attempting to question her and sometimes challenging her positions. The media balked at this blackout and threatened not to show up at any Palin event, to which the McCain campaign gave in. Another example of the campaign’s shallow handling of Palin took place at the United Nations Assembly in New York City. There the McCain campaign created several photo opportunities of Sarah Palin meeting with several world leaders, so to create an impression of her getting foreign policy experience. How does sitting with these leaders and making small talk with them give her any “foreign policy experience” other than a cosmetic makeup??

Now with our economy spiraling downward speedily, John McCain decided that he absolutely had to suspend his campaign and skip the first presidential debate held at the University of Mississippi. His reasoning?? He had to go to Washington, DC to help resolve the financial crisis and stay there until it was resolved one way or another, including a $700 billion bailout.

Where is McCain’s grip on reality? Did he really believe that if he left Washington, DC for several hours to attend the debate at the University of Mississippi, the whole American economy would COLLAPSE just because of his absence from the capital?? We already have 435 fantastic congress people and 100 esteemed senators (minus 2 who are supposed to be in Oxford, Mississippi tomorrow), plus countless Administration people who together are presently and fervently working together to develop solutions.

McCain claimed that this financial crisis was too serious for him to focus on the debate. Well, we all would expect our President of the United States (POTUS), regardless of which party affiliation, to possess this popular skill nowadays – MULTI-TASKING!! During any time of crisis, the American people would expect our POTUS to maintain contact with us, whether through a presidential address, press conference or a presidential candidate debate.

McCain’s skipping the debate tomorrow (Friday, September 26th) at the hallowed University of Mississippi, well known as Ole Miss, will create huge repercussions. Ole Miss claims huge fame as the site of the 1960’s racial confrontation over desegregation, with the National Guardsmen escorting a new incoming black student James Meredith, a confrontation forever etched in our memory. McCain’s refusal to show up will certainly reek of racism on some levels, not willing to debate with the first-ever black presidential candidate in American history, especially at Ole Miss of all places! This kind of setting with these players will make an eloquent statement on how far our race relations in this country have come, and the symbolism behind McCain’s refusal to debate at Ole Miss will not be lost on us all!!

During the GOP convention, several media pundits and news broadcasters commented on the lack of any real Republican platform being presented and that the John McCain story/personality was being sold to the American public instead. This may explain McCain’s tactics and turns/twists and blatant attempts at controlling this presidential election. Apparently he thinks we are a mass of morons who can be manipulated easily. His rash decision-making skills beg the question of his fitness as a leader whose style is becoming more and more obvious — wagging the dog at us all!

Seriously, John McCain, hello? HELLO??

(At the time of this posting, the national media has announced that Senator John McCain would attend the debate at Ole Miss after all. Still the same, his credibility has been shot to smithereens because all week long, he repeatedly claimed that he would not attend the debate until the bailout agreement was reached or close to agreement. By all accounts at this time now, no agreement has been reached or even near to being reached, and that the so-called agreement as of yesterday collapsed at the White House meeting last night thanks to a “Republican revolt.” Furthermore, there have been charges of “political theater” created by McCain who by the way did NOT speak very much at the emergency White House meeting last night.)

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. McCan’t finally decided to attend the debate, altho I wonder if it was because his campaign people pressured him into doing it. After David Letterman’s tirade about McCan’t’s cancelling out on the his show, sure as hell makes me question his ability as president. Is he going to put the presidency on hold during an emergency?

    Anyone noticed how McCan’t avoided making eye contact throughout the entire debate?

  2. Vikee, he cancelled because of the urgency to attend Congress to work on help pass a bailout deal by attending a meeting. He did this on his own initiative but it took an invitation call from President Bush to Obama for him to come to the meeting later on. So, both went. And the problem is what? That this financial emergency on the verge of a meltdown is not worth attending to help draw up an emergency bailout bill? McCain was willing to set aside politics to attend and address this national emergency but Obama wouldn’t until he got an invitation call from the president.

    Letterman’s ego was bruised so he decided to call up the most notorious Republican-hater he could find to replace McCain which turned out to be Olbermann. There must be dozens of people who’d have loved to appear on his “Late Show,” but because he wanted to flip McCain the bird he dialed up the most notorious Republican-hater he could find. And, of course, it turned out to be nothing but a bash McCain party between the two.

  3. It’s 33 days til November 4 election and not 35 days in your countdown box. Looks like this countdown box isn’t done automatically but manually. Just a helpful note.

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