The Race Is OONNNN!!

September 10, 2008

Yes, dear, the 2008 Presidential race has officially begun!! Both the Democratic and Republican conventions have settled on their candidates — Barack Obama / Joe Biden for the Democrats and John McCain / Sarah Palin for the Republicans. Already words are flying out of the coop. Words and charges such as change change change, “no way, no how, no McCain,” “pitbull with lipstick”, racism/sexism, Troopergate, the “bridge to nowhere,” swift-boating, and now “lipstick on a pig but still a pig.”

The amazing thing is that with a woman in the presidential election equation now, everyone is becoming obsessed with lipstick. Is this McCain’s way of diverting our attention from all the real issues of the day? The American public has every right to be appalled at the McCain campaign’s attempts to trivialize this election. This proves true those allegations of the Republicans’ view of the American people as a mass of morons. Since the McCain campaign has begun the trivialization of this election, he and his running mate Sarah Palin have become “fair game.”

Hey, John McCain, guess what? Sarah Palin DOES NOT own a monopoly on lipstick!! Billions of women all over the world enjoy lipstick, too!!

Let the discussion begin…

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Hahaha, welcome back! And I agree completely with you on this one. Barbra Streisand’s blog titled “McCain doesn’t get it: Women are not stupid” hit the lipstick on McCain’s forehead šŸ™‚


  2. He had to pick someone woefully out of contact with the news. A reflection of his own thinking? Probably so

    Read this. :shaking head in disbelief: Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska – washingtonpost.com

  3. Hello all –

    I am glad to see this site back up and running again! FYI – Arizona Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Friends for Obama will have several events coming up. See the link I have attached. The next event will be a fundraising first weekend of October. Let’s join together and show action in the community that Obama is the CHOICE!


  4. THANK GOD that your blog is back in action! We all need to kick the elephant’s butt all the way until November election day. Your blog is a great vehicle for voter education that is sorely needed in our beloved Deaf community.

    Keep your journalistic juices flowing, ya hear / see!!

  5. Just wanted to say there is great info on Sarah Palin at womenagainstpalin.com and democracynow.org. Find out the facts people, and see how the McCain/Palin church and guns ticket will affect YOU. From a lipstick-wearing gal (sometimes at work anyway) who wants a QUALIFIED woman in the White House….

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