My Son, the Republican….Part Two

March 29, 2008

Republican Son part 2

After reading some of your comments regarding the choices my son made, I needed to jump in and clarify a few things.

I am a registered Independent. I choose this because my issues are not ALL one party or another. I like the choices I make, because I believe in them, and want to make the most of my American Citizenship. If I’m part of a smaller, not yet powerful group of people, that is my choice. Come November, the election may boil down to the Independents who choose neither side but make their own decision on who they want to vote for, without having to follow the cattle call of an all-Democrat or all-Republican vote. This is not to say I think Democrats nor Republicans can think for themselves. This is just to say, I prefer to choose some here, and some there.

To that person who ASSUMED I didn’t discuss political issues with my son and his choices, I have to say this, shame on you! Making judgments based on what little info you have! My family has been politically active since as long as I can remember, and we have always discussed the different issues out there, including for me, my own Deaf issues. What we discuss in our family discussion is personal and belongs inside my own family. I simply made the choice to share this, because I felt we all need to show how diverse we are, and even within the close-knittedness of family, there are differences. THAT is the beauty of being an American, and I’m proud of it and of my son.

My baby brother is also a Republican, however, this year he has decided to vote Democrat. Anything would be better than another four years of Republican rule, destroying all things in the eyes of the world. It is because of Bush and his daddy’s cronies that we are suffering the worst economic times, as well as being hated, villified and in some places, killed because we are simply Americans. Am I jumping up and down because my brother made his choice? No, because I know it was a difficult choice for him, and I respect that.

What am I doing on this Deaf Democrat Blog? Why the hell not?!? They are a good group and I support them.

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


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