Democratic Party Hears Deaf Caucus-goer’s Complaint Loud and Clear

March 22, 2008

John L. Smith Review Journal

Here is a very interesting article written by John L. Smith for a Nevada newpaper, Review Journal, about the problems faced by Deaf voters during the Nevada caucus vote.

ReviewJournal.com – News – JOHN L. SMITH: Democratic Party hears deaf caucus-goer’s complaint loud and clear



  1. The article didn’t say whether anyone had requested a sign language interpreter before attending. The caucus organizers should have procedures for this, like “to request a sign language interpreter or other reasonable accommodations, please contact ___ by (date).”

  2. I’m interested to find out who all has been a delegate to or attended caucuses in their states. If we can show that there are more than just several in Nevada or wherever, then our voices might be hard-pressed to be ignored by local party leaders, knowing that we exist and are as interested in the political process as the next person.

    Let’s begin naming states where deaf/hard of hearing delegates have been in attendance at caucuses or other similar gatherings:


    Ken Breslow
    County convention delegate
    State convention alternate delegate

    PS: I posted a recent blog relaying my experiences under “Where is the Deaf Voice in Politics.”

  3. Hi Ken Breslow,

    My name is David Galyean. I am deaf delegate from Washington State this year. I am eager to attend State (democrat) convention in Spokane, Washington this upcoming June 13-15th 2008 as well as National Democrat convention in Denver, Colorado this upcoming August 2008, too 🙂

    Now that you know… Hopefully more and more deaf delegate are popping out of hiding or laying low for the last eight (8) years during the Bush Administration 🙂


    David Galyean

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