Obama Wins Wyoming & Mississippi!

March 12, 2008

Mississippi banner

After suffering a setback last week by losing Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island to Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama rolled on to win two more states — Wyoming and Mississippi, slowly increasing his delegate lead over Senator Hillary Clinton. However, these two victories came in after a period of increasing mudslinging, which was most likely to continue until after the Pennsylvania Primary on April 22nd.

At the core of this mudslinging were religion, racism and sexism. For one thing, there was this persistent rumor on the Internet concerning Barack Obama’s being a Muslim or not, to which he kept denying. Then there was this comment by Geraldine Ferraro on Obama’s success only because of his race. And now the media was accused of a strong bias against Hillary Clinton only because she was a woman. All this made for a sorry state of affairs in our country.

Furthermore, some colorful vocabulary and terms have come out of this race already. First, Bill Clinton called Obama’s campaign a “fairy tale,” a comment that helped turn the tide for Obama during the South Carolina primary. Then came Hillary Clinton’s “3:00 a.m. phone call” commercial on TV, asking voters which candidate they would like to see answering the call. Next, everyone was buzzing about Clinton’s “kitchen sink” strategy where she vowed to throw everything, including a sink if necessary, to stop Obama’s momentum before the Ohio and Texas primaries. This caused an Obama campaign staffer to call Hillary a “monster” and was forced to resign over this comment. And now Geraldine Ferraro’s comments about Obama being very lucky! The examples of colorful vocabulary and terms can go on and on… This is definitely not a dull race!

Adding fuel to the fire, signs strongly point to the possibility of the Democratic race being undecided before the national convention. Thus the heat has turned up on the superdelegates to perform their role. One camp maintains that the superdelegates need to follow the will of the voters. Another camp claims that the superdelegates must focus on who has a better chance of winning the election, a role originally envisioned by the party elders when they introduced the concept of superdelegates.

What will happen next is anybody’s guess. Already several media reports have expressed hesitation and apprehension because the next primary taking place in Pennsylvania is 6 long weeks away and anything can happen in between. One thing we can count on happening is some heavy dialogue on what to do about the Florida and Michigan delegates. Will we actually see Hillary collect her “Monopoly Cards” just like what we wrote back on January 30th?

One cannot help wonder if the underlying social issues like racism and sexism have been simmering beneath the surface during the history of this nation, and now with this Democratic race, these issues are clashing head-on and blowing up, just like pus coming out of a skin boil. Maybe we all have reached a natural point in our history to conduct this dialogue, although it may have been long overdue! Honestly, for the sake of maintaining a two-party system, we need to resolve this so we can keep the Democratic Party strong and make it a viable force for future generations.

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



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  3. Totally agree CB! The split is becoming a problem and one in which I worry will only help McCain come shinning through! Sure hope the Democratic Party starts singing the ole Beattles tune, “Come Together” soon!

  4. I’m really curious about this….

    If this was the deaf community, and deaf people were throwing mud, and doing negative campaigning against a particular deaf leader, not to mention all the lies and innuedos that usually comes from such behavior as this, would this be acceptable? Apparently it is. We’ve seen that with the entire Gallaudet protest. It really caused a split in our community, just like the Democratic party. Is this a sign of the times?

    In the 30+ years I have lived within the deaf community, one thing I know for sure, is we can be as mean, sneaky and totally deny that we don’t do any such thing. Isnt this what both campaigns are doing? Denying the obvious, and creating even more problems.

    We’ve seen this happen in our community….the split that continues to grow wider and wider….Like the Democratic Party, I worry that this split will cause the death of something so valuable to us….our freedom, our lifestyle, and our beliefs.

    JMHO-hope I make sense

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  6. Pardon me, but as a Republican, I have to tell you this: I don’t think sexism, racism, or religion is the real issue here, it’s more about the clash of personalities than anything else. On most issues, Obama and Clinton are virtually indistinguishable, so the race inevitably comes right down to whose personality will win out.

    Therefore, both candidates will throw out colorful terms and one-liners in vain hope of gaining upper hand. And finally, the division you’re speaking of is only happening within Democratic Party, so it’s up to Democratic voters to decide which candidate has the best chance of winning the general election. The longer this race continues on, the more Obama and Clinton look like typical mudslinging politicians, so yeah, this helps McCain a lot.

    Lastly…please do me a favor, keep the race going on until August. 😉

  7. Negative campaign’s been around for years. The last election was on family values using anti-gay campaign.

    Watch the supermarket tabloid headlines…. there will be lot of crap about each candidate ahead of us.
    Enquirer just did one on Obama on his personal life and sexuality.
    Negativity tend to be on subjects such as sexuality, religion and the color of your skin. Anything else?

    I cant wait to meet the candidate of the future, A Black Woman, Bi-sexual, Deaf, Atheist , sitting in a wheelchair, chewing beef jerky. What the Tabloids gonna do then? Out of Business?

  8. Who won the democratic primary in Texas?

    Read this intersting article


  9. I agree with ~V about deaf community compare same to Democratic politics. Like Hillary is JKF and Obama is Glenn Anderson, and McCain is all the white boys at Gallaudet who like to cheat!

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