After yesterday, the Democrats may be unstoppable

March 9, 2008

By Bryen

In a little congressional district just outside of Chicago, the unthinkable happened. A congressional seat held by the previous Speaker of the House, Republican Dennis Hastert was handed over to a Democrat in a special election on Saturday, March 8th.

Yes, you read right. A strongly held Republican district went …. DEMOCRATIC!

Speaker Dennis Hastert had resigned his seat after the shame of losing control of Congress to the Democrats during the 2006 Elections. He resigned his Congressional seat on November 26th, 2007.

That led to a special election yesterday, March 8th to fill the vacancy, which pitted Republican millionaire dairy producer Jim Oberweis against Democrat millionaire scientist Bill Foster. Foster won 53%-47%. Nice!

This was an area considered heavily Republican. For a Democrat to take the seat away was no small feat, and may be a sign of the times to come in the 2008 General Election.

A total of $6 million was spent campaigning for this vacancy by both candidates. Of course, Foster has to contend with Oberweis again in November for the General Election, to permanently hold his seat for the next two years.

Who knows if this was really a vote against Republicans or a vote against Oberweis. Oberweis is something of a black-eye for the Republican Party. He’s a four-time office seeker, aka four-time loser, who gained notoriety in the 2004 Illinois Senate campaign by airing anti-immigration ads that had a racist tone to it. The same election period that eventually propelled Barack Obama to Senator.

Oberweis owns the Oberweis Dairy which owns a chain of milk/ice cream parlors and sells bottled milk in grocery stores the “old-fashioned” way, still in glass bottles that you return to the store for money back on your deposits. Since I saw those racist ads, I’ve sworn never to buy Oberweis products. No way I’ll be drinking that Republican Kool-Aid!

Since the Republicans continue to nominate Oberweis for election, there’s no way Democrats can lose those seats.

Bryen Yunashko is a guest commentator for DeafDemocrats. He also writes his own personal blog at ChatWithBryen discussing various issues affecting the Deaf community, including politics, technology, Deaf-Blindness and social/community topics.

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


One comment

  1. Nice write up, Breyen. I DO recall Dennis Hassert and his shennigans as well as Oberweiss. I loved their icecream, but have sworn off it since those ads ran and thot to myself, Im not giving my moola to a racist. You just validated what I knew back then.

    The state of Illinois has traditionally been a corrupted and racist state, especially from the political arena. I have a congressperson in my district who also seems racist but everyone just loves him. He is a democrat, yet, acts like a republican. ugh!

    Whatever, since we both live in ILL, we have to be extremely vigilant in watching our politicians….Just seems its the norm in ILL to be corrupted—ah! I miss those hippy politicians in Calif. At least they were up front! LOL!

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