Hillary Comes Back Alive! Race Still On!

March 5, 2008

Not over for Hillary

Well, well, well…. The race is still on!!! All because Hillary Clinton yesterday won Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas while Barack Obama won Vermont. This continues the saga of the “Comeback Kid”, now Part 2. An amazing thing about the primaries last night was that Hillary won Ohio and Rhode Island with double-digit leads. Furthermore, Hillary delivered another black eye to the Kennedy family by winning “Little Rhody,” home to Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Now this is 3-0, Hillary vs. the Kennedys, with the two other states being Massachusetts and California (home of Maria Shriver, a Kennedy granddaughter). There is something wrong with the whole picture for the Kennedys.

Let’s not fool ourselves… The race is still wide open, even though mathematically speaking, Obama maintains a lead, but a rather slim one. Now several political pundits are saying that we need to take another look at the Democratic race itself. While Obama has enjoyed a string of 11 victories, he has not been able to carry crucial states and battleground states. The only states of any significance he has won are Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota, whereas Hillary Clinton has already carried major states such as California, New York, and New Jersey, and also crucial swing states in a general election like Ohio, Michigan and Florida, and also other key battleground states including Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Mexico. We need to look at the “electability” issue again!

However, the media now says that Hillary needs to win Pennsylvania to stay alive in the race. What is the media’s problem?? First the media said Hillary would need to win Ohio and Texas with double-digit leads last night, which Hillary pretty much accomplished. Now they say this about winning Pennsylvania. Are we seeing a double standard at play here? Why are they giving Hillary a hard time? Why don’t they do the same to Obama?

Also, we are detecting a very disturbing trend. We first heard about this 3 weeks ago through conversations with friends across the country. Women have been saying that if Obama ends up being the Democratic nominee, they will switch their votes to John McCain. This trend has been confirmed last night by Pat Buchanan, a Republican commentator on MSNBC Hardball show, recalling a conversation with several Miami, Florida women who expressed exactly the same sentiment. On the other side of the coin, several exit polls showed that the Obama voters would not vote for Hillary if she became the Democratic nominee.

The dream that George W. Bush and Karl Rove had of establishing a “permanent Republican majority” now moves dangerously closer and closer to becoming a reality. Of course, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors cannot help wonder if it was Bush and Rove’s plan all along to put Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama together in a contest to really split up the Democratic Party? If so, this may explain this huge flux of cash into the Democratic race this year, at a rather unprecedented pace, so the candidates can destroy each other. Then the Republicans can run a cost-effective presidential campaign. This question will nag us all for the rest of this election year and maybe afterwards.

Several weeks ago, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors did mention in our article, AN OBAMA SWEEP, dated February 10th, that the race looked real interesting. We told our readers to get ready for a wild ride and to have their neck braces ready on hand. See what we meant by this?? This is already one wild and crazy ride!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. You are indeed right that something will nag us till the bitter end.

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  3. And not only is Hillary making a comeback… Michigan and Florida might make a comeback after all! Those two states whose votes weren’t counted (even though Hillary won both states) are now be reconsidered for counting. The debate is whether they should seat the existing voted delegates or have a re-vote. Personally, they should be seated, not re-voted. Clinton won those votes and deserves to have them counted. If they’re counted, she’s ahead of Obama in delegates.

    On a more important note, as a male, I too am concerned with Obama’s practice of exclusion. Not just against women but also against Deaf people. We’ve seen the discussion previously about how Deaf people were sent to the back of the stage away from any other rally partiticpants at Obama events.

    Now, on the heels of that controversy, last night, in Obama’s concession speech (if you could even call it that) he talked about the need to overcome race and religion. He excluded gender… heaven forbid we should overcome issues of gender and let (gasp!) Hillary win! And he excluded physical disabilities.

    How many more segments of the American population must Obama exclude in order to win the race?

  4. Hey, Hillary have Karl “Boy Genius” Rove on speed-dial in her and Bill’s cell-phones. Heh. 😉

    Just days after the November 2004 election, Bill Clinton pulled Rove aside at the dedication of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas. “Hey, you did a marvelous job, it was just marvelous what you did,”

    Read it all here: the Rove Legacy.


  5. I want know where you get idea about permanet Republican majority. I never heard before.


    The term “permanent Republican majority” is not something that we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors invented. In fact, this has been President George W. Bush and Karl Rove’s strategy all along. When Karl Rove resigned from his White House position last year, the Newsweek magazine talked about thier dream and wondered if they would continue pursuing that dream or not. When you google this term, you will find a lot of references to it.
    Thanks —
    The DEAF DEMOCRATS editors

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