My Son Is A Republican…

February 29, 2008

by Vikee Waltrip

My Republican son

You read right.

My 33-year-old son just informed me he is voting for McCain. I =====PLOPPED=======

My son, my very own flesh and blood, the child of my loins, the love of my life, is a REPUBLICAN!

After going through some painfully serious ‘motherly’ soul searching and wondering just where I went wrong, I finally decided this.

-He is an adult.
-He has his own life.
-He is a product of his environment.
-And he can make his OWN decisions.

I just hope he makes an informed one. His wife, on the other hand, is voting for Obama. At least she is making her own choices and not following her husband just because he does. Its nice to know there is S O M E intelligence in this family. 🙂

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Ronald Regan was a democrat. He was born-again Republican and became one of the best president. Your son made a wise decision. 🙂

  2. smile oh mother to mother… we have to let go sometime wahhh

  3. You did something right raising him. He is able to make an informed decision, create his own choices, and has the ability to agree to disagree. Give yourself a pat on your back and PRAY that he ll have a change of heart and vote democrat!



  4. Obama is a bad choice. He is anti-Jewish.

    Don’t vote him!

    Thank you.

  5. Good. Serve you right. You raised him well. ;o)

  6. I am a register Republican for over 30 years while my wife and girls are Democrats. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Republican as he married to a woman from the Democrat Kennedy family, Maria.

  7. I’m chiming in because, well, I’m in the mood:

    We limit ourselves to two chioces (3 if the independents will ever get their a$$es in order) . So if you a so intent on calling yourself Democrat, are you in agreement with every major issue they fight for? And are you proud of this current state of the election where hopeful nominees are acting like children and focusing millions of dollars on stupid crap instead of real issues? Sure the Republicans are doing it to but they’re pretty quiet right now. The Dems are simply foolish.

    I only ask because I normally would vote Republican but I’m not keen on McCain. Huckabee I’d vote for but he’s all but out of the race. Obama has great character but there are major issues I disagree with him on and Hillary is just a crackhead.

    Since we have TWO choices, 50/50, give your son a break. There’s not much to go on in this (or any) election. Maybe he has damn good reason to vote Rep. Do you know what they are? If you do, if you’ve actually talked to him about it, then share them with us instead inviting all your Democrat friends to throw flames at your own flesh.

    Anyway…good night, good day, happy trails, I’ll see you somewhere in time.


  8. […] child of bleeding heart liberal democrats. It’s nice to see another person with a right mind. https://deafdemocrats.wordpress.com/2008/02/29/my-son-is-a-republican/ To bad McCain is a democrat in a red coat! To bad we don’t have a real Republican in the 08 […]

  9. Looks like your son is a real American that cares about what he will leave for his kids and not what is best for him in the present.

  10. I feel your pain! My son will be 18 this June and said he will register as a Republican! BUT I am proud of him that he will vote! That s important!

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