Three More States for Obama!!

February 22, 2008

3 more states abroad

Barack Obama has enjoyed another sweep, this time with 3 more states on Tuesday, February 19th and with Democrats Aboard, a votig bloc of Americans residing outside of the United States and its territories. Media reports have been buzzing over the fact that Obama has gone 11-0 ever since Super Tuesday, a streak that is now leaving a lot of doubts about the future of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Go take a look at our Deaf Eyes Map and you can see Obama sweeping across the country.

Very little notice has been given to this bloc known as Democrats Aboard. Its process is a mixutre of primary and caucus, over a period of one week, starting on February 5th in Indonesia and going around the globe and ending in the Americas on February 12th. Obama won 65% of the votes from Democrats Aboard. The voitng process of Democrats Aboard takes place in 3 phases — primary/caucus this month, then 3 regional caucus March 15 – April 11th, and then a global convention on April 12th.

This bloc will send 22 delegates, worth .5 vote each, to the Democratic National Convention. Out of these 22 delegates, 8 will be superdelegates who will comprise a total of 4 votes. You may ask about the logic behind this whole process, and we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors are still researching on this matter!!!

Anyway, back to the news at hand, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff have declared Texas and Ohio to be her last-stand states. If she doesn’t win them, then it may be all over for her… And already Obama and Republican John McCain have started trading barbs, starting with their wives about pride over our country. The nasty season has already BEGUN!!



  1. […] DEAF DEMOCRATS wrote an interesting post today on Three More States for Obama!!Here’s a quick excerptBarack Obama has enjoyed another sweep, this time with 3 more states on Tuesday, February 19th and with Democrats Aboard, a votig bloc of Americans residing outside o f the United States and its territories…. […]

  2. So, this is an official endorsement from DeafDemocrats for Barack Obama?

  3. Nevermind, You guys endorsed Clinton for President and Obama for Veep…

    curious question, would you fully support Obama if Hillary loses?

    Der Sankt

  4. Tonight’s Debate (Feb. 26, 2008)

    Obama looked presidential throughout the debate tonight whereas Clinton looked unpresidential. Her eyes looked angry; her throat flushed red. She smirked occasionally. Perhaps you would like to visit the site below tomorrow to see if the
    scores have changed or not. As of now, the scores are as follows:

    Who won the debate? * 52472 responses

    Hillary Clinton won. 23%
    Barack Obama won. 65%
    Neither won. 12%

    Did the debate help you decide who to vote for?
    51,054 responses, myself included.

    Yes, my mind’s made up.
    51% No, I still can’t decide.

    It made me lean toward Hillary Clinton. 11%
    It made me lean toward Barack Obama. 30%
    It made me want to look elsewhere. 2.8%

    Will Ralph Nader’s entrance into the presidential
    race hurt the Democrats? * 51128 responses

    Yes, once again Nader could siphon off just enough
    votes to hurt the Democrats. 20%
    No, Nader doesn’t have the sway he once had. 80%

    Will Obama and Clinton combine forces to create a
    “Dream Team”? * 51596 responses

    Yes, Obama-Clinton. 10%
    Yes, Clinton-Obama. 9.8%
    No, there’s no way either of them would bow
    to accept the other as running mate. 80%


    Congratulations on managing your comment to make it exactly 200 words!! And thanks for sharing this kind of information, very illuminating!
    Thanks – the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors!

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