February 20, 2008

cnn LOGO

Thank you, Deaf Eyes! Thank you, Deaf Gut Checker! Thank you, Deaf Common Sense! Thank you, Deaf Eyes Maps!! Thank you, Deaf Voter Education! The list can go on and on, and this would have made a great acceptance speech at any awards ceremony! Nah, this is not the point here… The big point here is — we are now on CNN.com search list!!! Yayayayay!!

This came as a huge surprise to us today at the DEAF DEMOCRATS blog! For a while, we noticed through our blog statistics a rather unusual trend. This trend showed that our articles on delegates and superdelegates kept attracting a lot of hits. Today, we finally caught a specific lead in our blog statistics and we pursued this lead. Guess what we found? Our article on superdelegates has been placed on the CNN.com search list!! We are not sure how long our blog has been listed at CNN.com.

Still the same, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors consider this a huge victory! This tells us that we are now in the heart of American journalism and also that we have really broken into the American political landscape! We are TICKLED just to think that our very own Deaf Community can make a HUGE contribution like this, and that the hearing world is now benefitting from our perspective on American politics, all this within the context of our own culture and language!!

Now we need your help in making our community more visible and have more American media take note of us. You can help by going to this CNN.com search list and click on the DEAF DEMOCRATS superdelegates link!! Let’s all pitch in and push our ranking up and up on the list!!

CNN.com Search List

Let’s push the button and ROCK THE WORLD!!!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. CONGRATSSSS! You are already rockin’ the world!!! You got my VOTE – PUSH PUSH PUSH THRICE!



  2. Cool! I even learn more from CNN website on superdelegates. Keep up the good work.

  3. Awesome. Technology is going to be a Great Equalizer for the dDeaf. A Deaf blog on CNN. How DeafRead is mushrooming into something we probably will never realize with videochat rooms. What beckons us more?

    Congratulations, sharing the elation with you, over here I am.

    THANKS, the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors–

    That greatest get set up on CNN News. I tell you something long time ago in 2001 I was feedback thru CNN News that President Bush cause I was furious with World Trade Center. Parts of my family and navy is parts of my family cause USS Cole navy Ships first place damage and I was out of my mind until I found out Mr. Bush Presdent delete thousand of email. I was vote Al Gore very hot for bush Presdent so Bush won by last Florida late vote so now on future our Deaf community will work with CNN News update news. Many things speak up I remember when I was clink AOL speaker and I said Oooopps it work and later on AOL change remove speaker. Oh well, better feedback email will work so I keep eyes on Deaf Democrats. Now I will support and I plan vote Hillary because she is first Presdent female and experince history like Senator and ex husband Clinton and wrote the book. Ummm good one and Obama, I know black history suffer like deaf suffer against tell cannot work so I hope change equal humans. No more tell cannothear no work is finish over start 2009 hopeful change better new laws for deaf get freedom like black history is same humans and Hillary support deaf people cause I was feedback to her email. So everyone think what you like to pick hardest decide. God bless America for Deaf Democrats now wave hands!!!

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