An Endorsement from DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors…

February 18, 2008

Dream Demo Ticket

After many observations through our Deaf Eyes, and checking on our Deaf Gut Checker, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors have come up with some interesting thoughts on the whole Democratic race. These days there is an endorsement craze going on with the superdelegates being wooed by both Democratic candidates. Although we will never be counted as superdelegates, we certainly don’t want to miss the endorsing boat! Also, we want our Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters to be HEARD!!

Yes, you read it right — we are endorsing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be on the same ticket! You may ask WHY? To this, we say WHY NOT?? In this election year of 2008, we now have got not one, but TWO superstars running! So why do we have to pick one over the other?? That kind of choice will probably split the Democratic Party and give the Republicans a real strong chance at winning the White House again.

We pick Hillary Clinton to run as President with Barack Obama running as Vice President. This is based on our Deaf Common Sense!! We are looking at the age factor of both candidates, and it will do more justice to have Hillary serve as president first for 8 years and then Obama as president for another 8 years, meaning 16 years of DEMOCRATIC REIGN!! We relish the idea of such reign, oh boy! But then we may need THAT MUCH time to clean up the mess created by our current president!!

Another reason we chose Hillary as president with Obama following her is because we all just know that the Republicans will take advantage of Obama’s lack of experience and use this in a Swift Boat fashion. Yes, people have claimed that Obama may be the next John Kennedy (JFK), but we beg to differ here. There is an excellent book on sale now, “Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman,” which provides deep insights into his education and upbringing as the son of the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain at the outbreak of the Second World War. While in Great Britain, JFK received his “other education” by witnessing the events leading to the war and by associating heavily with the British ruling class while performing as an “assistant” to his ambassador father. Obama is a product of completely different circumstances and life experiences that formed him into the extraordinary person that he is today. Therefore, any comparisons between JFK and Obama may be unfair to Obama himself.

By having Hillary and Obama on the same ticket, we can take away many weapons the Republicans may throw at this duo, especially in the area of experience. With Hillary at the helm, Obama will have 8 years of intense education before taking over the helm, and the Republicans can’t do a darn thing! Another reason we picked Hillary is that during this primary season, Hillary has withstood all the scathing attacks and has shown that she could play with the boys at their game. To our Deaf Eyes, Hillary has proven to be capable of going after all the “bad boys” (and also bad girls) of the world.

The beauty of Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket is the kind of voters they will attract — women, African-Americans, Hispanics, youth, retirees, etc. This will definitely give the Democrats a real fighting chance of winning back the White House! Furthermore, with this ticket, it will be the first time in our national history that such a ticket represents true diversity!

For the reasons mentioned above and based on DEAF COMMON SENSE, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors endorse Hillary and Obama to run together as a STRONG and SOLID TEAM, to run concurrent presidencies for the next 16 years, rather than just for 8 years!! No need to pick one over the other, period!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Having Hillary on the ticket at all is a recipe for disaster. She might be okay in Obama’s cabinet serving a non-essential role, but PRESIDENT? no way. for more on why i believe Obama is the best choice for the Dems, read the latest blog entry at http://deafsoup.wordpress.com

  2. Hear, Hear!! Or should I be saying See, See!!? I’ve been saying this exact thing for the last two months. They both bring tremendous assets to the party and the positives of one cancel out the negatives of the other and vice versa. It’s a dream ticket. Does anyone remember at the last debate (the only one with just the two of them) when they were asked if they’d consider the other as VP on the ticket? The energy in that room soared at that very idea. Can you just imagine Jan. 20, 2009!

  3. What do you think of Hillary and Obama who have plagiarised several sayings without giving any credit to great thinkers, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Poet Thomas Eliot, and others?

    If they have not explained why they failed to give the credit in the newspaper by tomorrow, I may end up WRITING IN someone else’s name.

  4. Friday, Feb. 22

    In light of the debate last night in Texas, it would seem that there is something going on in the Clinton camp. It does also seem more and more difficult for a Clinton win. She ducked several openings, and I believe she was correct to do that as she appears negative whenever she responds to Obama. Then today I read an interesting comment. What if she were to be a Supreme Court justice?? Would that not be a great role for her to play?

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