A VLOG Response to “Change 4 Deaf”

February 14, 2008

A note from the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors — This vlog was made in response to Melvin Patterson’s vlogs, “Change 4 Deaf”, Parts 1 & 2. We believe that Tar’s articulate support of Senator Hillary Clinton deserves to be put here in this blog. Thanks!



  1. Thanks Tar…. I agree with you!

    Below, is another “misquote,” ahem… Obama made but… if you check with Library of Congress, you will see… Obama wasnt there! Again!

    Obama’s”new” proposal for a national infrastructure bank is one that Hillary proposed August 8, 2007. [“I’m proud to co-sponsor Senator Dodd and Senator Hagel’s National Infrastructure Bank Act that we just introduced to establish a federally-backed independent bank that will evaluate and finance large infrastructure projects by subsidies, loan guarantees, and bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the United States.” Rebuilding America speech, 8/8/07; S. 1926, 8/1/07]

    http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d110:s.01926, check it out, did he really co-sponsor? But, you will see Hilliary name as co sponsor!

  2. Time for American to let Black man running our country.

  3. Tar’s VLOG is very clear and articulate! Hillary would not be bedmates with Lobbyists? Consider this: Hillary wants the delegate votes in Florida and Michigan to count … for her! Truly, I *don’t* agree with the DNC’s decision to deny the FL and MI delegates the opportunity to have their votes count. However, Hillary said that she would follow that decision. Yet, she campaigned there and was the only candidate to have her name on the ballot.

    From an armchair perspective, she appeared to be the only one who tested the limits. Why? She showed her face and because it was just *her* name on the ballot, she got all of the votes!

    Now, suppose Barak had won. Would Hillary be clamoring for a change from the DNC, because she believes the Floridians and Michiganians were denied a right to be heard? Nah, I think not. I think it is a self-serving ploy, not an altruistic gesture on her part, since now, *she* trails in the delegate count. So, was this a “mistake”? In the future, *no* handshakes with lobbyists?

  4. ATTN: Edward Nugent

    A black man is still a MAN! How about letting a WOMAN to lead our country for a change? I am for Hillary. Way to go!

  5. I need to respond to misinformation in Ken’s response. Regarding the primaries in MI and FL, NONE of the candidates campaigned in those states prior to the primaries. In MI, only Hillary left her name on the ballot, but Edwards and Obama people encouraged their voters to write uncommitted and Hillary STILL won by a large margin. In FL all of the candidates names were on the ballot (realizing their faux pas from MI) They ALL, however, went to those states to hold fundraisers and, yes, Hillary did give her victory speech in FL, but that was after the voting was done. As for counting the delegates, it does seem as if they need to abide by DNC rules. Keep in mind that voters in those states, knowing their votes didn’t count, STILL went to the polls in record numbers. This is what Hillary was referring to when she said that she would not let their voices be silenced. You can see that as underhanded, but I view that as speaking up for the underdog.

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