A Chesapeake sweep for Obama!

February 13, 2008

Chesapeake bay sweep 3

Like a gale blowing across Chesapeake Bay, Senator Barack Obama swept across the Potomac primaries, winning all of them and dashing Senator Hillary Clinton’s hopes of a comeback. In an area with probably the world’s largest concentration of Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks, Obama won handily in each of the 3 primaries, a contest that almost became a no-brainer!

The Potomac Primaries — in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland — were not even tightly contested, and Barack Obama’s margin of victory over Clinton in each primary was real impressive. One cannot help wonder if the Democratic primary season is pretty much over by now. Yet, as of last night and today, Hillary Clinton has shown no sign of giving up and in fact vigorously campaigning in Texas.

Statistically speaking, Senator Obama has now overtaken Senator Cilinton’s lead in the delegate count, with or without the superdelegates (go see the Deaf Democrat Derby page). However, the next couple rounds of primaries present some challenges for both candidates. For Obama, his biggest challenge will be the Wisconsin primary, in a state where minority groups consitute only 6% of the total population. Several political pundits have been making claims that Obama’s hot streak was due to the African-American community and the youth showing up en masse to vote for him, and that the Wisconsin primary will be a big test for Obama only because of the state demographics. A Wisconsin victory will mark him as a true candidate and a rightful nominee if he wins the nomination.

The challenge for Hillary Clinton will be winning Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. She is counting on the Hispanic voters to carry Texas for her, while in Ohio and Pennsylvania, she is counting on the Blue Dog Democrats (moderate and conservative Democrats). If she manages to win these 3 states, then the race is VERY MUCH ALIVE!! The total delegates at stake between Texas and Ohio stand at 334, along with Pennsylvania’s 188 delegates. Then Florida and Michigan can come into the picture and create a very interesting convention!

Ever since Chesapeake Tuesday, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors have been watching the media constantly. We can see that the tone may have changed somewhat, now that the Democratic race is becoming clearer. By next week, two-thirds of the country will have participated in the Democratic race, and this year has been rather amazing in terms of record voter turnouts everywhere. Like Howard Dean, the Democratic national chairman, e-mailed to his party faithful today, this race has been very historic already, with two very dynamic candidates running.

The underside is that more and more political commentators are calling for the abolishment of the superdelegate system. Also, they are discussing if there is now a “buyer’s remorse” going around, a topic that got us the editors real curious. However, what strikes us the most is Reverend Al Sharpton’s allegation today that if the Florida and Michigan delegates were to be seated at the Democratic convention, then that would be a gross violation of civil rights — a statement that we need to disgest more on. Anyhow, the bottom line is that this is not a race anymore, but that it is time to get down to some serious business of choosing the next President of the United States!

Hey, Deaf and Hard of hearing voters in the Chesapeake Bay area, what has your voting experience been like? We will love to hear from you!!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. It’s certainly an interesting race to watch and I don’t think anyone really expected it to unfold this way a year or even a few months ago. I think if Obama has the pledged delegate lead and popular vote lead, the supers will pretty much have to go his way. If Clinton can some how takeover the popular vote, that might be enough cover for the superdelegates to give her a victory.

  2. It;s definitely a turned around. Obama is leading. Im just disappointed that Obama will not have another debate with Hilliary before the rest of the primary next Tuesday.
    As for democrats vs republicans, this year will be a democrat! I dont think McCain has a chance, against either one of them.

  3. i support Hillery she will change tghe world and goood experiece at white house not Obama i felt that Obama might bec white lie that he will promise he willchange i doubt it bec sample something came up will he keep his promise . Hillery had been in white house that will make america strong and change too

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