February 10, 2008

Sweep banner 2

This weekend, Senator Barack Obama got a huge confirmation of his broad appeal across the country, as reflected in the news banner above. Obama made a victorious sweep of 3 caucuses and one primary, routing Senator Hillary Clinton of New York and pushing the delegate race into a nail-biting contest!!

So sweeping was Barack Obama’s weekend victory that Senator Hillary Clinton replaced her campaign manager today on Sunday, February 10th. The race to woo superdelegates has intensified, causing confusion among several news service outlets as to the total numbers of delegates allocated to both candidates. You can see for yourself in both the Deaf Democrat Derby and Elephant Thumping pages. On the DEAF EYES Maps page, you will notice that the maps are now starting to resemble a Risk board game!!

At any rate, Obama is definitely gaining momentum and it will be interesting to see what Hillary Clinton will do next! The latest press reports say that Clinton has been collecting funds at a furious pace ever since Super Tuesday. Our Deaf Eyes wonder if her new-found cash and campaign shake-up will be enough to turn the Obama tide, or even an Obama tsunami which remains to be seen. Our Deaf Eyes will be fixated on the whole Chesapeake Bay this coming Tuesday for sure!!

The Republican race provided some surprises of its own over the weekend. Mike Huckabee grabbed Kansas and Louisiana from John McCain, to the amazement of everyone. Now the Washington state caucus vote is a big question mark as Huckabee threatened today to sue Washington state party officials. His campaign claimed that the state officials prematurely declared McCain the winner of this very close contest Saturday night, after suspending the count with only 87% percent of votes reported.

As MSNBC News reported, Huckabee Campaign Chairman Ed Rollins told reporters Sunday that in addition to delegates, the “dubious” announcement hurt Huckabee’s momentum after surprise wins in Kansas and Louisiana Saturday night.

If Huckabee succeeds in his challenge and if the total count shows him to be the real victor of the Washington caucus, then it would have been a weekend sweep for him. Which will mean sweeps for both the Democratic and Republican parties! In that case, all this shall be always remembered in the history of American politics as the “weekend of sweeps.” But, but, but — let’s remember this quote, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings!” Yes, a very hearing expression, we know!!

Our Deaf Eyes think we detect a “power struggle” between the media and the voters… We perceive the events of the weekend as something like an anti-establishment vote. Whenever the media says something, the voters would go to the voting booth to prove them wrong. Already we have seen this happen quite a few times. About the Republican results of this weekend, the media and political pundits said it was more of an anti-McCain vote. We don’t quite agree with this. We suspect the voters are trying to tell the media and pollsters to stop telling them what to think or make decisions for them!

We are scratching our heads about what will happen next. We thought for a while about advising our readers to fasten their seat belts for a possible roller-coaster ride, but that might not be enough. Now we are encouraging you all to wear your seat belts AND neck braces because we think we are in for some head-jerking times!!!

Onward to CHESAPEAKE BAY! Our Deaf Eyes are already lasering on to the Potomac primaries on both the Democratic and Republican sides!!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Well — let’s just suppose … that Obama stakes a lead that Hillary cannot surpass… and McCain is the elephant’s representative, is the country ready for a black man, whose religious upbringing was muslim? I’m all for change; is the rest of the country? Are the votes in the primary going to translate to the same kind of turnout and support in the general election? Are the independents freely weighing their votes now, but at the time of the general election, will they reconsider in the face of “finality”? By the way, Obama accurately predicted the outcome of the war on Iraq back in 2002, even *before* we went in. He’s a shrewed, insightful candidate. May be the best Democrat win!

  2. Obama was NOT in the senate at the time they voted to go to war. So his claim that he did not vote for the war is actually BS it’s not true! He didn’t predicted it. It bothers me that he uses this claim he didn’t vote for the war in Iraq and then point the finger at Hillary because she did.

    I don’t think ANYONE, Hillary, the senate, the house, people in gov’t even thought Iraq would be another “Vietnam”. At the time, we had just recently experienced 9/11 and everyone was pissed and wanted answers or results…including looking for the people who killed almost 3000 innocent American citizens. The fault lies with Bush.

    Is the country ready for a black man to lead us? Well, as long as there are FAT WHITE MEN, behind the scenes the chances of a black man leading isn’t very high. Neither is a womyn. The USA still continues to practice racism and sexism, despite the years of trying to create equality. We just may end up with a FAT WHITE MAN in the white house with McCain.

    Is the country ready for a Hillary/Obama ticket? Tell me.

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