February 9, 2008

News update banner 3

As of Saturday, February 9th, 3:00 p.m. MST, two pieces of news need some updating. One piece deals with the issue of delegate count, as the difference between MSNBC and CNN tallies grows wider. The other piece of news explains more on the difference between suspending a campaign and dropping out.

Along with the addition of “Deaf Eyes Maps” page, you will notice some changes in the Deaf Democrat Derby and the Elephant Thumping Contest pages to show both MSNBC and CNN numbers. You can see that the MSNBC tally doesn’t take into account the number of superdelegates while the CNN count does. We the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors are committed to providing information with as much accuracy as possible to our readers. We have noticed that as this 2008 primary season moved on, the MSNBC and CNN numbers split wider and wider. This also reflects the fact that the superdelegates as a group is a very fluid factor, changing each week. We figure it best to start showing both tallies from now on.

As for the difference between suspending a campaign and dropping out, we have collected more information in the past two days. The bottom line is that while the Republican contender Mitt Romeny suspended his campaign, that didn’t mean that he had dropped out of the picture completely. By suspending his campaign, he is allowed to keep his delegates, if something happened to front-runner John McCain’s campaign.

Another thing about suspending a campaign is that while a candidate may not actively seek the nomination, his campaign committe does not shut down, as long as there are still some outstanding bills and loans left. Take former Senator John Edwards as an example. His 2008 campaign committee is still open, and it is the same for his 2004 campaign committee only because of some still outstanding bills that have not been paid for!

Several readers have asked us what will become of Mitt Romney’s pledged delegates. As MSNBC News reported, “…if McCain secures their support — combined with his own delegates — he would be nearly at the magic number and Huckabee would be mathematically eliminated. It is unlikely Romney would throw his support to Huckabee; the animosity between the two has pervaded the GOP race.”

And guess what?? At the time of this posting, Mike Huckabee is winning the Kansas caucus over John McCain today, with something like 60% over McCain’s 29%!! This comes as a huge surprise to us! How many more rabbits does Mike Huckabee have in his hat now??

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. I have a feeling gomer pyle (i.e. Huckabee) has got quite a few rabbits up his sleeve.
    Paulie11 from inside the Snakepit

  2. Is it possible that Mitt and Edward holding their delegate to use as negoiation tool with the final or competitive canidates? Especially, when Obama and Hilliary is so close. Could Edward use his delegates count for later?

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