February 7, 2008

Super Tues After 2

On this second day after Super Tuesday, the picture is becoming more and more interesting! As of today, Mitt Romney, well known as Mr. “2002 Winter Olympics” and the former governor of very liberal Massachusetts, suspended his campaign, sealing the Republican nomination for Senator John McCain. Romney’s announcement came after a day of “frank discussions” with his campaign staff yesterday.

As Mitt Romney explained it, “If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.”

Yes, this announcement came as a surprise to us the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors because we really thought that the whole primary season would come down to the Final Four — McCain and Romney on the Republican side, and Clinton and Obama on the Democratic side. Another reason for our surprise was that only last night we created two maps for our readers. Yes, numerous news services have already devised such maps, but we needed to have our own Deaf Eyes maps!! Take a look at our Deaf Eyes Republican map, showing the states won by which candidate so far.

GOP map Sup Tues 2

Seeing this map, we became impressed with Mitt Romney’s strength in the Western and Northern states. We figured that he could pick up a few more states and maintain a strong challenge to John McCain. However, McCain picked up a lot of “delegate-rich” states such as California, New York, Illinois and Florida.

Our Deaf Gut Check suspected that Romney was counting on Mike Huckabee to do poorly on Super Tuesday, and that if Huckabee withdrew from the race, Romney could collect the evangelical vote and Huckabee’s pledged delegates. As it turned out, Huckabee pulled a Super Tuesday surprise by winning 5 Southern states. It was learned later that the McCain campaign helped Huckabee in pulling the Dixie rabbits out of the hat. This probably doomed Romney’s overall strategy and led to his decision to “suspend” his campaign.

Also, looking at our Deaf Eyes Republican map and our Elephant-Thumping Contest page on this site, we began to see the logic behind Romney’s decision. Suppose Mike Huckabee dropped out and gave his pledged delegates to Romney, the math would not work to Romney’s advantage. When you combine Romney’s 286 delegates with Huckabee’s 181 delegates (totalling 467 delegates), it is still not enough to overtake McCain’s 714 delegates. Furthermore, McCain is expected to pick up several more delegate-rich states such as Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania and this would help him wrap up the Republican nomination.

For Mitt Romney, the writing was on the wall. Romney did put up a very valiant campaign and we all should be proud to have him as one of the finest Americans around. Also the fact that he’s run as a Mormon candidate really lends credence to the American Melting Pot where everyone is welcome regardless of color, religion or sex. Thank you, Mitt Romney!

After Romney made his surprise announcement, some of our readers paged me asking what the difference was between “suspending” and “dropping out.” After some Internet research, we found this article:

Posted: 12:20 PM ET
WASHINGTON (CNN) Suspending a campaign has a different meaning depending on the party.

On the Republican side, decisions on how to allocate delegates is left to the state parties.

On the Democratic side, a candidate who “suspends” is technically still a candidate, so he or she keeps both district and statewide delegates won through primaries and caucuses. Superdelegates are always free to support any candidate at any time, whether the candidate drops out, suspends or stays in.

National party rules say that a candidate who “drops out” keeps any district-level delegates he or she has won so far but loses any statewide delegates he or she has won.”

We will share with you as we collect more information on this topic of “suspending” vs. “dropping out.”

Dem news banner 2

As for the Democratic race, IT AIN’T OVER YET!! The Democratic caucus vote in New Mexico is still a toss-up! As of 5:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, state election officials are still counting provisional ballots. So far Hillary Clinton is leading by 1,123 votes over Barack Obama. Brian Colon, the state Democratic Party chairman, said 17,077 provisional ballots were cast, about 12 percent of the total caucus vote.

In case you wonder about provisional ballots, they were given to voters who showed up at wrong voting sites, whose names were not on registered voter lists, and also who requested an absentee ballot but signed an affidavit saying they did not return it.

Another big piece of news on the Democratic side — Hillary Clinton made a personal loan of $5 million to her campaign before Super Tuesday, and that she raised $4 million on the day after Super Tuesday.

Let’s take a look at our Deaf Eyes Democratic map…

Dem map Sup Tues 2

The Democratic race is still very TIGHT!! Barack Obama has made a very impressive showing in the Midwest, the West and the South. If Obama picks up any more Midwestern and Western states, all the power to him!! To see an African-American candidate carry these states is truly a milestone in American history!! This amazing feat by Obama gives us goose bumps just to witness history in the making!!

Hillary Clinton has picked up several delegate-rich states, especially New York, New Jersey and California, but it was not a sweep since Obama picked up Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota. What we find interesting is the remaining Southern and Southwestern states — will we see a “Southern clash” between Hillary and Obama? Therefore, the Louisiana primary this coming Saturday shalll be very interesting just to see what color this state, along with New Mexico (when all its ballots are finally counted!!), will become on our Deaf Eyes Democratic map!

Our Deaf Gut Check says that we won’t know for several more weeks who the Democratic frontrunner will be!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Great job on the maps and the detail of two campaigns. Thanks!

  2. very educational. I am learning a lot more than I did while I was in college and high school. smirk. This is really a great blog.

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