Super Tuesday, HUH??

February 6, 2008

Super Tues huh banner

by CB Buchholz

Super Tuesday has come and gone, and we are now left analyzing the results which our Deaf Eyes think are not very conclusive. At least for the Republican Party, the otucome has become clearer with Senator John McCain now halfway towards attaining the Republican nomination. The Democratic race is definitely still ON!!

This article will be a “rolling” article, as we will fill it with updates on our thought process and analysis. However, we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors can make a claim on victory!! Last night Greta Van Susteren of Fox News channel discussed about the Democratic race being inconclusive and that we would need to watch Florida and Michigan and their potential impact on the race.

Greta Van Susteren’s comment was a cause of celebration for us because WE TOLD YOU SO!! We discussed this in our “Is Hillary Clinton Collecting MONOPOLY Cards?” article not too long ago. Another reason for celebration for us was the heavy media discussion on “the Kennedy Factor” last night and this morning. The commentators were discussing how the Kennedy Factor has fizzled out like a soda drink without any carbonation, since Hillary Clinton was able to carry both Massachusetts and California!! Both states are considered the bastions of the Kennedy family… Again, WE TOLD YOU SO as we wondered about the value of the Kennedy family endorsement in our article, “The Kennedy Factor”!!

At this time of publishing, 5:30 a.m. Mountain, it is still unkown who has won the New Mexico Democratic caucus vote — the last announcement said that only 79 votes separated Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama… Talk about the voting madness here in New Mexico, the Land of Manana (Spanish meaning tomorrow)!

See you in a few hours. In the meanwhile, have fun around the office water cooler discussing Super Tuesday and this blog, ok?? Wink!!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. March 4th will be the date to watch for. It will set the stage for whoever will get the nomination for the Democratic candidate for President at this summer’s DNC. The state of Ohio will be one of the few key states, particularly for the Democrats and the Republicans, as attested to the fact in the last two national elections, Ohio was the “decider” state. 😉

  2. In light of Richardson as the favourite son of New Mexico and the former ambassador to the United Nations during the Bill Clinton administration, most New Mexicans will undoubtlessly go for Hillary who, through the press, would most likely ask Richardson to once again serve as ambassador to the UN. He got along on well with Bill Clinton’s
    former State Secretary Madeleine Albright who would be Hillary’s State Secretary.

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