Deaf Political Event-Los Angeles–Febuary 2nd

February 6, 2008

Democrat Deaf Debate in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 2, 2008. Sponsored by WRAD and Agape of Culver City, CA



  1. wow very interesting speaker about different issues and thank you for sharing show video with interpter provider and of course I keep in mind about vote who I want to support and sound like senator Hilary clintion seem understand some of these issues to support senstive issues. please everyone should keep in mind who anyone decide to vote and be count the vote by all Deaf community in all over this country. I hope to see this more information come up like this kind of speakers with interpter provider with video like this one. again, thank you for showing important information.

  2. 501(c)(3) codes prohibits non-profits from engaging in political activities. This event is a red flag for WRAD.

  3. For Disability

    I recommend you to check all president’s website to click the issues at top of the menu for Disability. I found only one Obama has Disability VLOG with captioned. Clinton has mentioned but not strong as Obama.

    thanks, Tadpole






  4. you know what, Richard, we need to get all the info and votes out there as much as we can. If WRAD wanted to sponsor the event, let them, because this is the only way deaf people will hear abt debates going on, and what is happening with deaf issues.

    NONE of the candidates asked WRAD. WRAD recognizing the need to get this kind of info out into the community offered to sponsor a debate but takes no sides.

    Seriously, how many deaf people do you know who is politically active, knows A LOT of stuff, and is heavily involved in the political process. Tell me, I’m curious….

  5. Actually, my take on that ruling is that 501 (c)(3)’s cannot advocate for political candidates. Providing an open forum in which differing viewpoints are aired is a totally different ball game. My understanding is that representatives for the various candidates showed up to promote their candidates, but the Deaf community is free to hear all sides and make their own minds up. It’s democracy in action!

  6. I agree with V and Lewis that 501(c)(3) cannot advocate for political candidates but just letting them giving information to the deaf community and let deaf people making their decision to vote one of them. Overall, that is not red flag for WRAD.

  7. Hey I already left my video response on one of your DeafTV Video from this link: http://www.deafvideo.tv/watch/5972

    Many thanks to one of Deaf Debating Lady who brought about Deaf Babies Education Issues!! ThUMB UP!!!

    Cheers! S

  8. i support Obama

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