February 5, 2008


This day has FINALLY arrived!! A day where almost half of America goes to the voting booth to choose candidates of their preferred parties. While we all wait for the voting booths to close, the DEAF DEMOCRATS blog will bring you news from time to time.

The news of the day so far, at 4 p.m. Mountain time, Michael Huckabee has won the West Virginia Republican caucus vote, and that the Dow Jones closed at 350 points down, due to fears of a recession coming up on the horizon…

For those of you in Super Tuesday states, good luck and happy voting!! If you find yourself suffering some mental block as to who to vote for, there is a great Internet resource that can help you make up your mind as to which candidate to vote for! Go check this link now:

GLASSBOOTH.ORG, a site that connects you to the 2008 presidential candidate that represents your beliefs the best.

Thanks to Colorado Deaf e-News for sharing this link with us!! Now, this is an appeal to all the Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters in the Super Tuesday states — GO AND VOTE!!! Yes, your vote DOES COUNT!!

Before closing, we want to share this tidbit of news. This past November, CB Buchholz, one of the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors, attended a conference in Minnesota. At the hotel where she was staying, she saw an assortment of campaign buttons in the hotel gift shop. On an impulse, she picked one for each political party… CB emphasizes that this doesn’t mean that she’s picked her favorite candidates but that she picked who she thought would become the nominees of their respective parties… Let’s wait a few months to see if her forecasts are accurate or not!!



Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


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  1. Major Democratic forum – Deaf & Hard of Hearing subforum – thought you might be interested in checking it out.


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