SHOCKER! The Wicked Witch of the Right Wing Endorses Hillary!!

February 2, 2008

2nd Ann Coulter black banner

by CB Buchholz

Numerous media outlets and Internet bloggers are buzzing over the fact that Ann Coulter came out in support of Hillary Clinton, a Democratic contender, over John McCain!! Yes, ANN COULTER, the very same blonde Ann Coulter who has been spitting out venom across the American political landscape in the past several years. Ms. Coulter announced her endorsement while appearing on the Hannity and Colmes Show, a renowned conservative TV talk show, on Thursday, January 31st.

With Alan Colmes interviewing her, Ann dropped the bombshell, saying she preferred Hillary Clinton to John McCain. Flabbergasted, Colmes asked her if she was serious about voting for Hillary, and deadpanned, she said YES! Some of the reasons she explained:

“I will campaign for her if it’s McCain…

“…because John McCain is not only bad for Republicanism–which he definitely is–he’s bad for the country…

“Hillary is absolutely more conservative. Moreover, she lies less than John McCain, she’s smarter than John McCain. When she’s caught shamelessly lying, at least the Clintons know they’ve been caught lying. McCain is so stupid he doesn’t even know he’s been caught…”

With such comments as these, that’s why many jaws are dropping these days! In case you wonder why we the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors call Ann Coulter the “Wicked Witch of the Right Wing”, here is what she is famous or infamous for…

She called Muslims “ragheads.”

She recommended poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens — “We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens’ crème brulee.”

She proposed a “New McCarthyism,” explaining that the entire Harvard faculty should be fired for being traitors and that liberal books should be burned.

After Bill O’Reilly, a conservative TV talk-show host suggested the U.S. might need to pull out troops from Iraq, she disagreed and wrote, “The invasion of Iraq has gone fabulously well.”

At one time, she called Senator John Edwards a “faggot.” Another time she wished Senator John Edwards would be “killed in a terrorist assassination plot.” This provoked a counter-attack from Elizabeth Edwards, his wife, who called in the MSNBC Hardball show that Ann Coulter appeared on and confronted her before a national TV audience.

Last year, Senator Hillary Clinton accused Ann Coulter of making a “vicious, mean-spirited attack” on outspoken 9/11 widows whom Ms. Coulter described as “self-obsessed” and “enjoying their husbands’ deaths.” Coulter also called these four New Jersey widows “The Witches of East Brunswick,” after the town where two of them lived in.

Her new book is coming out now – “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans!”

Now you get the picture of who Ann Coulter is… This explains why her endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton came as a huge shocker! Our Deaf eyes find all this very suspicious… Is Ann Coulter playing the “Weakest Link” game? What we mean is that she may have viewed Hillary as the weakest of the Democratic candidates and therefore would make it easy for any Republican candidate to trounce in the November presidential election… Thus she made this endorsement in order to make the Democrats vote for Hillary during the primary season and make her the Democratic nominee. This is our thinking…

We will love to hear what you Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters have to say about this. Is Ann Coulter’s endorsement sincere or just another example of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” (Hillary Clinton’s famous phrase)??

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. oh boy, i don’t know what to make of this. but for some reason i think ann is being sincere – because hillary is definitely not the weakest democratic link. i wonder what hillary thinks of this endorsement from ann. should she be happy (meaning hillary takes away the liberal republican voters from mccain) or does this endorsement hurt her image?

    either way, i want to share how much i love this blog. i love your analogies (the monopoly cards… so Deaf eyes!), your deaf voter education section, the charts, and the vlogs. you do wonderful work!!! ***hands waving****

  2. **jaws-dropping**

    Ann Coulter actually said that! OMG, that nut definitely needs to be carted off to the looney bin.

    My mom and I have had long discussions about her. The recent comment she made about Hillary has been the topic in this household since we first heard. I’m anxious to hear what my adult son will say about this. Its a fun family pastime 🙂

    That lady is, and always will be psycho!

    **jaws STILL dripping**

  3. Im not surprise….. of all the stupid things Ann Coulter have said in the past 5 years, to say she is backing Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next president is the smartest thing she ever did. Finally!

    As a Hilliary fan, Ive agreed with most things she said except for one thing.

    She is a NY Giant Fan! Now…..Thats shocking!!!!

    Im sooooo upset…It so outrageous! If she doesnt correct her mistake immediately to support the Patriots, Im changing my vote!

    Go Patriots!!!!

  4. Ann coulter is STILL ALWAYS pain in the butt! She made too many mistakes then she covered up her own excuses so many times! She always acted like Ms Know All !!

  5. The façade of Hillary Clinton is Democratic.
    Some Democrats know it.

    The heart of Hillary Clinton is Republican.
    Some Republicans know it.

  6. […] hidden past. I can see why Ann Coulter endorsed Hillary Clinton instead of John McCain, like DeafDemocrats have blogged about it. Frankly I am now very angry at John McCain, a true conservative and a war hero? Forget […]

  7. Head over to my latest blog now. I have the latest information about McCain that will shock you. The real reason why Ann Coulter endorsed Hillary Clinton!

    *Editor’s Note*
    People can click on your name to go to your blog. As long as you type when commenting your web url in the fields, your link will be connected to us. 😀

  8. Wow! Big News indeed! I am starting to feel concerned about people endorsing Hillary only because they do not want Obama. I am worried about the democrat split between the two and wish one of them would “give” and run for VP instead of Prez. That’ll make it one strong team to defeat any Republican slate. As for McCain, he does have alot of baggage, but then again what politician doesn’t?! I can’t see him winning this election. I do however, have one positive memory of him which was during the time of the Anita Hill hearings, and when he was called to vote, I will never forget his words,clearly remember him saying, “when in doubt, don’t do it” and cast a nay vote for Thomas Clarance as Supreme Court Justice. Anyone remember that?

  9. Sorry, Sheri. I don’t recall that moment. Nor was I aware of McCain’s going in cahoots with the North Vietnamese. I don’t trust the kind of material that comes out saying that…John Kerry: did he or didn’t he? John McCain…did he or didn’t he?

    Rather than focusing on innenuendos and he said, she said of incidents that happened years ago, let’s focus on what is in front of our eyes. I agree with Sheri on several fronts: a) bash Clinton or Obama now, but your candidate may not be the winner … then what? If you want Hillary, I applaud you. I, personally do not favor her against Obama. Would I favor her against McCain? Absolutely! Against Huckabee? Absolutely! Against Paul? Absolutively Posilutely! 2) The ideal would be to have the two work in tandem: Prez/VPrez.

    The overriding problem is that it starts at the top–Hillary and Obama are as much to blame as anything, Can cooler heads prevail? I hope so, but since *they* are slinging so much mud at each other, how can we expect *voters* to display more rational thinking and responses? In the name of Hillary’s proposed Peace Department, let her be the shining example of Peaceable responses.

  10. Re: Ann Coulter … Is she doing this to turn the democrats off Hillary? You know, reversed psychology. If democrats dare think she is *more* conservative than a Republican, then by golly, wouldn’t McCain come out like a smelly rose? Ha! I’m not saying that Ann C has that many brain cells to think of a scheme like that, but can *anyone* trust Ann C’s motives?

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