WOW!!! Deaf People are Hungry!!!!

February 1, 2008

Hey Folks!

We’ve passed the 4 thousand “views” mark in less than a month! To be honest with you all, me and CB are both FLOORED by the response. Not only that, but it is so heartwarming and inspiring to hear from people who make comments, and all of the many private emails we are getting from friends and colleagues. Just want to say, KEEP THEM COMING, but use the blog to share your thoughts. We don’t require you to use your real name. Just be nice, respectful and SMART! (which you all are!)

The recent Vlog, with Melvin Patterson with his way of presenting his thoughts, his signing style, his entire appearance was a GEM find. The number of hits we received after his second Vlog, said a lot to us. You, me, CB, Melvin and the rest of the DEAF/HOH world want, desire and need to KNOW what our candidate’s platforms are. In Sign Language, it becomes all the more clearer to us. I found myself watching both Vlogs again and again….constantly amazed at how easy and comfortable it was to listen to Melvin’s commentary. He definitely was EASY on the EYE! Thanks Melvin!!!

Once again, thanks to you all for your support and passion!! When we started, we figured that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community might need to have our own forum to discuss political issues and the presidential election. Little did we realize how many people would be INSPIRED by this blog! Again, THANKS and we will keep delivering the juicy news!!!

Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors


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