Change is the Key…

January 31, 2008


  1. It will be great if both Hillary and Obama run this country as president and vice president. In my opinion, I think both of them will be great candidates.

  2. Since you mention the likelihood of candidates that will consider the needs of the Deaf Community, do you think John McCain might have the upper hand since he served on the Gallaudet board? I’m well aware of his resignation over the incident with JKF, but it would appear to many deaf people that he may have the most exposure with Deaf people, and that could be something deaf republicans will try to sway people. However, I don’t think any republican candidates can compete with the democrats on the issue of change, which is what most people seem to want and that will probably lead to a form of socialized medicine, which will be good for everyone.

  3. Thank you for the news to compare with difference opions in the matter of choice. Make me thinking about it who best for us. Tough one! Many thanks Sir.


  4. Finally, someone is for someone else than Hillary Clinton. You all who endorse Hillary should view this clip and listen to this great fellow speak. He’s articulate and brings out wonderful points between Hillary and Obama. Now, the question is WHY did you say Hillary? You guys better really do your research.

  5. i respond to msdeafbear… You will be sorry, and you will be realize when what doing are they.

  6. Change + Personal history (nurture) + Social situation (environment) = Attitude + Response

    After election……

    One would have to deal with the current legislature to make the “change”.

    Need an effective leader to coach/lead both parties to move forward. That person must know all the players both inside and outside.

    Now, Who would that be?

  7. I’m not sure what you are implying Anonymous.

    First off, both CB and I decided we needed a blog to express our thoughts, what is going on and to support our candidate. In no way are we biased in the fact that we both believe in who we choose.

    I personally have been trying to find someone from the Obama camp to support their candidate and also share their thoughts on why Obama is the best. Nobody has responded on this, (I send out via private email) so we left itat that. Deaf people themselves are RESPONSIBLE for their OWN opinions and thoughts. If they cant lift a finger to express themselves, that is NOT our responsibility.

    I came across this Vlog supporting Obama by accident. I contacted the Vlogger and asked for permission, which he was more than HAPPY to do.

    Yes, we need more of a balanced view. Unfortunately not everyone has the political savvy that CB and I have…(I’m just being sarcastic here folks-no offense :-D)

  8. Vikee and CB:

    This is FANTASTIC!!!! What a wonderful site, am thrilled to see the Deaf Democrat take on issues that need discussing and keeping us informed with all the pros and cons of the different issues. I agree with your comment above, the more deaf folks out there who can contribute to the different views and opinions, regardless of party affilliation, the more our world becomes familiar with the issues. This is not unlike what hearing individuals experience by listening to opinions on radio talk shows daily!

    Truly KUDOS for launching this site! Whoo hoo! I am excited to see more issues surface right up to the time of the election in November!!!!


  9. Hi You signed very beautifully and clearly! I am always a Democrat as my Deaf parents told me when I was a little girl, that Democrats support Deaf people. Keep up with your good work. Who knows, you may be our first Deaf president! smiles

  10. I do appreciate your style of expression in your signing very graceful and neat. I follow you very well. Your expression shows very clear!!! But I want to respond your arguement of Barrack Obama who says if he makes a mistake he would let people know wow! In that real reality he would probably not but he would use double standard of saying in order to save his face politically!!!

  11. Good job speaker ! U did very netural and make sure this is freedom of speech and however I am very strong vote for Obama because it time to need be change and I am white myself I forget that he is black because his speech so powerful , I am very lucky to see and listen his speech like my parent listen JFk s speech back to 1960’s . My son , 18 yrs old he so excited to be first time vote and he said wow he will vote for first black person but he said it not about black it about the truth ! Okay thanks for your time and kept update to me !! God bless you and be proud to be as freedom of speech !

  12. again this is Judy and I wanted to say I LOVE that one Deaf democrats blog ! I felt lot better cux I am not alone ! And your blog explain so clear what is going on democrats now and explain what that meaning . Thanks for your work hard on this blog !

  13. Hi! You signed very clear. It gave me the ideas whom I should vote for. I’m a always Democrat. GO Democrat!!!!! I hope that Hillary Clinton will win as a President. Hillary Clinton did come to Rochester Institute of Technology to give a lecture why she should be a US Senator for New York State. I got to meet her. I wonder whom will be a President and who will be a Vice-President should be Hillary Clinton, John Edwards or Barrack Obama. I agree that we all need a NEW and BIG change in the politics. It will be nice to have a conference where Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama give their lectures to the Deaf audience. It will help us to decide whom is best to be US President. What do u think?

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