Are the Candidates DEAF? A Vlog…

January 31, 2008


  1. GREAT VLOG! I look forward to the continued part!

    I wish other places follow your example. For example, I live in NYC and none of them are planning the similar way what you are working on right now. I applaud you! I want to see the outcome of your event and see if we all can follow your example.

    Great Job!


  2. Your sign language is beautiful and impeccable; mind sharing who you are; are you deaf, HoH, or hearing? Or even a CODA? Keep up the good work, no matter which political party you aspire to.

  3. Hi Melvin!

    Are you running for President? …If not, how about Veep with Hilliary? Smile.
    Thanks for the video message. I look forward for more!

    I agree with you to have Deaf Democrat or even Republican to be more visible at all level of their campaign.

    It would nice to have “delegate(s)” who is Deaf to attend their national conferences. If that is too late, how about some visibility at the National Conferences? I know we cant ask 501 C 3 organizations to sponsor, there gotta be a way. What ya think?

  4. Your Vlog is powerful message to deaf people. Can you tell us who you are? Your ASL so smooth to explain so crystal! Good job and keep up. I will look out on your next message.

  5. Your example is very beautiful and very clearly. WOW!!! Keep up your work.

  6. I second for your wonderful speech and I most agree with you, we need it, unfortunately I can’t be attend, I live in Florida, Any ballot for us to sign if you have plan for….petition or whatever!!!!

  7. wow I must have missed the announcement in LA, Can you send me more info on the future debates?? Thanks

  8. Sorry, they asked me to shortcut my comments here, I respected them and I hope I could just say a few words at this time.

    Yes, yes, I truly wish I could be able to attend to this meeting which is very important.

    I know this is very important because “Communication” is the major key of our daily life. Everybody must have the “Effective Communication” at everywhere. So, I believe there is no excuses for any Hearing people who wanted to wipe us (Deaf people) out of this world as they cannot change us the way God made us (Deaf people). We (Deaf people) must break our barriers in many areas.

    I wish I could say some more, I think this is enough for now.

    LuLu Long

    *Editor’s Note* We’re sorry we had to limit the number of words (200 is the maximum allowed) in a comment box because if we allow everyone to write as long as they can, no one will read the postings or commentaries. It’s important to us that everyone has a voice, just need to keep it within reasonable limits Thanks, Lulu! 🙂

  9. Excellent vlog related to Politics – about time! You did an exceptional job because I felt so relaxed watching you sharing your thoughts. Way to go.

    What great ideas you presented and I’ll be all eyes on how this will lead us to.

  10. Wow your expaination is very clear and important for the deaf. I agree with you 100%. You did a great job!


  11. Great vlog!! I look forward to more! Maybe we could do a debate online as well, that way more deaf can participate? : )

  12. First of all, I’d like to Congratulate on this great VLOG. Although the voting election is over, (I VOTED!) I would like to know more about how to stay in contact for future references. Please email me at your convenience, have a nice day!
    “Deaf’initely Can!”

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