The Kennedy Factor

January 28, 2008

by CB Buchholz

Today, Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island came forward with Caroline Kennedy to embrace and endorse Senator Barack Obama in his campaign to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. Our Deaf eyebrows are raising big-time!! Will this Kennedy Factor help or hinder Barack Obama?

Right now the media is buzzing over the Obama endorsement from several members of a prominent American dynasty while some other family members (former Maryland lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) have already endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. This opens up speculation over whether there is a “split” within the dynasty, to which Kathleen Kennedy Townsend responded on MSNBC News today saying anyone should come participate in their family dinner discussion so to see how much disagreement there was within the family, just like any other “normal family.”

As the media reports it, one of several reasons the Kennedys came out today was to try to salvage the damage the Clintons caused in the past couple of weeks over the racial issue, starting right before the Nevada caucus. It was not only the Kennedys but some other prominent Democrats, including John Kerry, who have been coming out to endorse Barack Obama as well, a “movement” already noticed by the DEAF DEMOCRATS editors prior to today.

The DEAF DEMOCRATS editors assumed that maybe it was the Democratic Party’s way of setting up Obama for Super Tuesday and we questioned the wisdom of such move. Up to this point, our Deaf eyes have been detecting something like a “voter rebellion” against the Establishment, and several states already proved this point so far. Now the Democratic Party machinery seems to be stepping in for Obama, and we are wondering if this will backlash against the party for “coronating” a candidate, REGARDLESS OF WHOM, before we find out what the will of the American people is, especially after Super Tuesday next week?!! That’s why our Deaf eyebrows are raising very HIGH!!!

We are not sure if this implies a power vacuum within the Democratic Party since we still don’t have a clear-cut frontrunner yet. We still remember vividly how in 2000 the Al Gore camp tried to get rid of the Bill Clinton camp within the party, which led to the current estrangement between both men. Maybe what is happening today is only a reflection of the going-ons behind the scenes, with several camps vying for power and dominance within the party.

Let’s wait until after the Florida primary tomorrow and the Super Tuesday drama next week to see if the Kennedy Factor will make any difference or not. In honor of the Kennedy family’s love for competition, let’s put on our sweatclothes and get ready for the game, or get your popcorn popper ready for couch-potatoing, depending on your preferences! Yes, the DEAF DEMOCRATS will be there to call play-by-play action!!!

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters in the Super Tuesday states, HAPPY VOTING!!!


Thank you- DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. I don’t know anyone who would vote for Barama on the basis of an endorsement from Ted Kennedy, do you?

  2. I wonder……

    I don’t really care for alcoholic politicians (or heavily practicing alcoholics) so for me Ted’s endorsement is just another one of his drunken stupor comments….

    Who knows what people will think. I just think this whole primary election like WHOA….we’re are having quite an interesting election year. 4 years ago, I did all I could to stay awake….but finally gave up….neither Kerry, nor Bush was a fav of mine.

    So I voted for my mother… 😀 (seriously!)

  3. I think this news will have a huge impact. Until very recently I have been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton largely due to her intellect, her experience and what I’ve seen her do here in my home state of New York. I have admired Barack Obama’s ability to fire passion into people, but felt that he needed more hands-on experience first and truly hoped for a Clinton/Obama ticket, which would bring both experience and idealism into the White House. In my opinion, both have enormous negatives: Clinton for a reminder of what people didn’t like about their years in the White House (don’t discount the Republicans…there is extreme hatred towards them) and Obama because I’m truly not sure America is open enough to elect a black man (again, remember it’s the Democrats voting in the primaries…we have to take the WH back next year!). Based on those calculations, I felt America is far more ready to elect a woman.
    Now the events of the last 2 weeks or so have reminded me of the missteps the Clintons have always made (amazing how the mind forgets the bad parts after a while, huh?) and it brings up fears that Hillary (or Bill) will say or do something that puts the WH in jeopardy. Obama’s got the wind at his back now and the Kennedy touch is certainly giving me pause to re-think my support of Hillary. Luckily I still have a week to make my mind up. It’s been a fascinating ride so far! I love it!!

  4. I’m like you too….I’m a big supporter of Hillary, but after the SC debates and stuff….my thinking is changing….see see see how it goes!

  5. I have a theory…
    Now that America has seen SC vote overwhelmingly for Obama, for obvious reasons, I feel that there will be a backlash in favor of Hillary. I think America will realize that the African Americans just voted for Obama based on race. White people in SC were split evenly among the 3 candidates; black people voted about 70-80% for Obama–I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be uncomfortable with that idea of voting for someone based on race. Yes, Kennedy endorsed Obama but I think it’s just because he’s likable; I did not like his comment to Hills “you’re likable enough”. I think Hillary really tries for the good of people and we need someone like her to champion for health care resolution because health insurance companies have gone rampant in the US and on the backs of the poor. Hillary has the experience and motivation. Obama is all talk.

  6. Despite what people think of Teddy Kennedy. He has alot of power. I managed to catch, part of th news discussing Caroline’s announcement. Something about Barack being the next JFK. Oh please!!! Did anyone notice Barack and Teddy sat together during the State Union. Looked like their shoulders were touching and head position close. Wonder wht they whispered thru out the State Union.

    You gotta admire those Kennedy kids. Not being afraid disagree with Uncle Teddy. I for one probably would go nut, sitting on one of those family dinner. Tho, am sure there are many who would love this opportunity.

    I am afraid the next President will be Republican. Another 4 or 8 years. GROAN!!!! Democrats party is encouraging voters to throw vote to the Republicans. Basically, Democrats think they have the right to punish those states who chose to set earlier date for primary election.

  7. I guess that a big blunder that Bill Clinton had committed in South Carolina is a blessing in disguise. He played the race – gender card that raised people’s eyebrows. Furthermore, he playfully made a comparison between Jesse Jackson and Obama. Obama is far, far, far different from Jackson. So Hillary was finished on the spot (in SC).

    As of Hillary herself, I have read a great deal about her in various printed matters. She is, by nature, hot-tempered, sometimes so uncontrollably that she kicks the desk. Were she president in the White House, I could envision a mental picture of many staff members walking out on Day Two. They were terrified by her in 1990s.

    Caroline Kennedy is such a brilliantly astute woman that his uncle Ted and aunt Ethel heard her well and took her version to the bank!

    It would mean Bush’s four terms if Hillary became president. No way! Read Ralph Nader somewhere on the Internet.

  8. Go Obama!

    Obama is the best candidate in my view. Here’s an interesting tidbit about his South Carolina victory speech:

    It’s a comment left on Obama’s blog:

    I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but one of my favorite
    lines in Obama’s speech tonight was “while we breathe, we hope.” I liked it
    because I thought it was poetic and inspiring.

    I like it even more now that I realize it was a subtle tribute to South
    Carolina itself! I was just browsing a South Carolina website in an attempt
    to find out why it’s called the Palmetto State and stumbled across the state

    Dum Spiro Spero.

    The translation? None other than “While I breathe, I hope.”

    How staggeringly satisfying to consider the possibility of a president who
    is actually a linguistic craftsman.

  9. Dunno about the Kennedy Factor helping Obama but during the President’s speech and with Obama with/near the Kennedy’s sure made Hillary look constipated!

  10. being a Republican myself through and through and don’t care for George W. Bush because of cronies around him….

    I wonder about Kennedy factor, considering how the West view the liberals in low light. Blue Dog Democrats have good support from the Republican voters.

    And from the rumblings I’ve received from the Illinois voters, they’re not happy with Obama due to his his absenteeism from the Senate votes.

    I don’t know about Obama’s voting record on the disability issues due to his high absenteeism (I was informed last time it’s 53 percent, highest among the US Senators) and I already had a partial reading of his positions and am not comfortable yet with him.

  11. Whoever said about Florida vote – is misinformed – there are no Democratic delegates. Florida got punished for moving before Feb 5th per party rules, stripped 100 percent of delegates. That’s why you don’t see any Democrat campaigning there.

  12. I don’t trust Obama! We don’t know much about him.

  13. A few facts weren’t mentioned here:

    (1) So far, Clinton has the endorsement of around seventy senators. Obama has 44. There are still about 100 senators left. It does make a key difference on who receives the majority of Senate endorsements — as that will show unity on the Senate’s part.

    (2) Ted Kennedy is widely regarded everywhere for his ability to raise funds and to draw crowds upon his mere presence. So, yes, that will certainly help Obama.

    (3) Many Democrats privately do not like Clinton, but feel “obligated” to stay on her side – often out of fear. Kennedy’s defiance may make others feel “safer” in declaring their support for Obama.

  14. It’s good to see this blog starting to liven up! 😀

    Anyways for W.David….you’re right, Florida has been penalized due to moving the primary up to an earlier date. There are no delegates from Florida. However, At the Democratic Convention, anything can happen (ie: no clear front runner, DNC decides to give back the delegates, etc) so, dont underestimate who will win Florida…

    Have to agree with you, PR, on Ted…Lush or not, he sure is good at raising lots of $$$, why his name alone is enough! 🙂

    Peach Lady….I’m pretty neutral altho I may end up voting for Hillary, however, I’m doing a ‘wait and see’ thing to see how these things pan out. I think both candidates have pros and cons to their campaign and issues. Can you elaborate on why you dont trust Obama?? thanks!

  15. Actually, 11 Senators support Clinton and 8 support Obama. All eyes are now on Gore; i would be a kick in the shins if he doesn’t support Obama.

  16. **WARNING: Please keep at least 200 words or less, thanks-DD Editor

    In my book Ted Kennedy has little-to-no credibility. He is the guy who drove a young woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, over a bridge one summer on Cape Cod and the car they were in plunged into the water. Somehow he got out and swam/walked home and left her to drown. He never reported the incident to the police and never called anyone for help. Obviously he was drunk and wanted to sleep it off before anyone questioned him in the car crash. Not to mention he was flamoozling with the young Kopechne at a party that night. Joan Kennedy his wife was an alcoholic before they divorced. No wonder.

    Joe Kennedy had an affair with the 15-year old babysitter he and his wife hired when they went out. Exposing him is what put a stop to his run for political office. He later got his marriage annulled by the Catholic church but his wife appealed and later the church realized they had made an error in granting the annulment.

    Patrick Kennedy drove a car into a building in DC while he was on drugs and alcohol. He checked himself into rehab.

    President Kennedy was a known philanderer having affairs with women left and right much to Jackie’s shame and embarrassment. He took pain killers for his “back” as if they were candy. There were so many shady dealings in his presidency

    Well, I could go on and on obviously. I have only scratched the surface on this extremely dysfunctional Kennedy family.

    Why does Ted Kennedy’s endorsement carry weight? He is obviously a man of little integrity.

    I feel that Ted endorsing Obama is male bonding. They are marginalizing Hillary and putting the lid on whatever change she could accomplish. The Kennedys have always stereotyped women and it is doubtful that Ted could stand the thought of a woman president.

  17. I have just received an email with a videoclip from Senator Barack Obama (see below).

    In my reply, I explained to Senator Obama that there are 32 million people rwequire
    captions or a transcript along with a videoclip. I hope to see the improvement in the near future.

    “jean —

    Tonight, Governor Kathleen Sebelius spoke eloquently to the nation on behalf of our party.

    But I wanted to share my personal response to George Bush’s final State of the Union with you.

    Watch my response here:


    Next year, when it will be the job of someone new to report on the state of our union, the entire nation can have a president they believe in.

    And with your help in the coming days and weeks, that’s the kind of president I will be.

    Thank you,


  18. People who assume Ted Kennedy couldn’t stand the thought of a woman as President seem to be saying, in effect, that he should support Hillary solely because she is a woman. Wouldn’t that be sexist?

  19. The majority of California is for Hillary (that is where the majority of Hispanics live).
    Again, Florida, where many Hispanics live, is for Hillary. Arizona andTexas are for Hillary. Not to mention New York, her home. The latest poll shows as

    Democrats | Polls | County Results
    Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won Projected winner
    Hillary Clinton 409,783 49% 0
    Barack Obama 249,488 30% 0

    Republicans | Polls | County Results
    Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won Projected winner
    John McCain 342,886 34% 0
    Mitt Romney 322,522 32% 0

    It looks like more white Republicans of Generation X will switch to Obama. Iowa,
    for one.

  20. I concur with Dave in his thinking….it would definitely be sexist

    Jean….the videoclip isnt captioned….kinda makes me wonder if he even listens….just my thot.

  21. Ive watch the Kennedy dynasty most of my life… Media loves them cuz they are rich and have problems too. Therefore, they are viewed as human. His comment that Obama’s message of hope is similiar to JFK is so what! All canidates been using those words in their campaign such as hope, change, new begining etc etc. It been used for years by every candidates since Lincoln! I want someone with track record. Not all talk.

    By the way, during the state of the union (boring by the way) I saw Hillary reach out to shake Ted Kennedy’s hand and Barack Obama turned his back to her. Now…. that is not the kind of a leader I want working with other leaders of the world.

    She is a classy leader! (You thought I was gonna say lady, eh? Smile)

  22. Dave,

    When someone is sexist, he or she cannot see beyond gender. I don’t believe anyone should vote for Clinton because she is a woman. Of course not! Being a woman is just one of her many characteristics. Voters should assess the sum total of a candidate — not just one of her attributes.

    However, I feel that Ted Kennedy and others like him cannot see beyond Clinton’s femaleness. They see she is a woman and look no further. If they did, they would see her many fantastic leadership qualities. Sexism is nothing new. And actually the phenomenon is rampant in the USA and the world. That’s why Hillary as president represents unprecedented historical change for us all.


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