Obama Wins B I G in Lee Atwater Country!

January 27, 2008

by CB Buchholz

Barack Obama scored a smashing victory in today’s South Carolina primary, another primary election that resounded very loudly the new chant in American politics, “Change, change, CHANGE!”

The good news for the Democratic party was the voter turnout as more than 540,000 voted today as compared to less than 300,000 voters in the Republican primary last week. Also, the record Democratic turnout today topped the Republican turnout for the first time since 1992! So far in this 2008 primary season, the Democrats have witnessed record turnouts in several states already.

A piece of surprising news out of South Carolina was the margin of Barack Obama’s victory over Senator Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, with a 150,000-plus gap between himself and Clinton and twice the percentage of Cinton’s votes. This news is rather heartwarming, especially as Obama won HUGELY in Lee Atwater country.

Some of you may recall who Lee Atwater was, and many of you may not recall. Before the Republican strategist Karl Rove came to the national scene, there was this guy named Lee Atwater from South Carolina, who became known as the “Bad Boy of American politics.” He worked on the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and George “Poppa” Bush and became the youngest-ever chairman of the Republican National Committee until his death of brain tumor at the young age of 40 in 1991.

What Lee Atwater was renowned for was single-handedly turning the national politics into the “blood sport” that it is today, with negative campaigning tactics, rumor-mongering, and devleoping a new kind of racism using “code words.” Take as an example that infamous 1988 TV commercial discrediting the Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, where he supposedly paroled an African-American man named Willie Horton out of jail only to rape and murder again. While many people found this TV ad highly offensive, it was very effective in erasing Dukakis’ 17-point lead and getting Poppa Bush elected.

Lee Atwater’s early death did not extinguish his impact on American politics. In fact, Karl Rove enjoyed Atwater’s mentorship and carried on his bag of dirty tricks. Even during this current South Carolina Democratic primary, some people accused the Clintons of using Lee Atwater’s tactics against Obama.

Atwater left behind a very powerful legacy, although a very unpleasant one. At his deathbed, he converted to Catholicism and regretted his actions in destroying several people politically, which embarrassed Poppa Bush in the White House. Poppa Bush raised many eyebrows when he did not attend Atwater’s funeral or memorial service. This coming summer, a new documentary feature will be released, titled “Boogie Man – The Lee Atwater Story.”

Against this shady historical background, Obama’s spectacular South Carolina victory seems to have helped redeem the state’s prestige. To help put things in perspective, South Carolina is the first Southern state in the whole primary/ caucus process, which the USA TODAY newspaper said might explain the candidates’ nasty behavior. We the DEAF DEMOCRATS say this — “Well, yes, of cours! That is because they were running around in Lee Atwater country!”

What will happen next is anybody’s guess!! Onward to Florida, another state that is being penalized by the Democratic National Committee! Eyes rolling here! MORE TO COME SOON, folks!!!

Boogie Man film 2
For your information, we have already contacted this production company to remind them to close-caption this documentary when they release the DVD version.

Thank you -DEAF DEMOCRATS Editors



  1. Karl Rove was not the only one mentored by Atwater, Warren Tompkins, another Lee Atwater associate is Mitt Romney’s senior advisor for presidential campaign.
    That explained why Mitt was criticized heavy for his negative campaign recently. Look like South Carolina and the rest of the country woke up to end Atwater’s negative campaign tactics. Maybe not end it but at least watch for it.
    It’s interesting that his name has become a new vocabulary to use against Clinton or anyone else campaign. Ill be curious to hear what Karl Rove would say after he retire or from his deathbed. Is he Catholic?
    Hooray for Obama, thanks to him, Hilliary and Edwards, the Democrat has won South Carolina!

  2. Lee Atwater was “mentored” by the late Sen. Strom Thurmond and the hard-knuckled political machine of the Deep South, where any politician from either political party is an open-season target.

  3. It is interesting to note that Caroline Kennedy wrote an op-ed article in this morning’s The New York Times, declaring that she has endorsed Senator Barak Obama.

    Albeit good friends with the Bill Clinton family for more than ten years, Ted Kennedy, for some reason, did not rush to endorse Hillary for president. Prior to the article in the NYT, her cousin, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. declared to have endorsed Obama! I asked myself, “Whom will Senator Ted Kennedy endorse? It would look like a clash in the closely-knitted Kennedy family if Ted would endorse someone else than Obama.” True enough, NBC’s foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell said on TV this evening that Ted has decided to endorse Obama. Reason? He has been turned off by the Clintons who said negative things in South Carolina. Negative things about what, I shall not know until I read the newspaper tomorrow. February should be the most exciting month — all the way to the West. Latinos in California and Florida will vote for
    Hillary Clinton (Latnos, by the way, are the largest population in California.)

  4. It is interesting to note that the Kennedy clan is coming out to endorse Obama instead of Hillary, given the impression with Obama who reminded them of a certain charismatic Senator who became the youngest President and whose life was cut short by an assassin’s bullet few years later.

    However, the Kennedy family is a well-known and powerful political family whom influence stretched far around the globe and certainly have the money and the clout to back a noteworthy candidate such as Obama. On the other hand, Obama’s family does not have the same kind of clout, wealth and influence as the Kennedys. So for the formerly drunk patriarch of the clan to come out and endorse Obama as if he’s Ted’s brother reincarnated and in the flesh, it makes me wonder what’s going on with their plans for Obama in the future if he be nominated as the prime candidate President this summer? And especially if he gets elected to be the President, what then?

    But when if the going get too tough for Obama in the future, would the Kennedy clan still back him up or not? Methinks the family will likely close ranks and pull back to protect the name and the reputation of the clan, thus Obama will have no powerful family of his own to fall back on. However, that’s only a big if.

    President George W. Bush has his powerful family to fall back on and so does the Clintons. Even the Romneys, the Edwards and the McCains as well. History is filled with great or worst political characters from nowhere got the supports of powerful families and even more powerful peers, and when things did not turn out as expected, they ended up dead or thrown from power.

    You can only hope that Obama is a wise student of history.

  5. Funny that the Kennedys are lining up behind Obama, since for some time now I’ve felt that voting against Obama in ’08 seems like having voted against JFK in ’60. Or to put it another way, Hillary is like Nixon–in more ways than one.

  6. The split in the party concerns me between the idealist Kennedys (who are split within the family) and the pragmatic and more centrist Clintons. Have to unite in November. Either way an historic election and very exciting.
    Great Blog

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