Is Obama facing a double whammy?

January 21, 2008

Not only is Obama dealing with Hillary during the Democratic primary season, he is also dealing with BILL CLINTON.

That makes me think….since Bill has had his own executive experience in the White House, will this be to Hillary’s advantage to have him as an advisor, both in the Oval Office and in the privacy of their bedroom. That has got to be a double treat because who else has ever had that much dialogue on national and international issues. Not to say there probably was some going-ons between former presidents and their spouses.

Looking back, Im trying to think of all the presidents who had politically active spouses (all womyn of course). The only one I could think of was Eleanor Roosevelt. All the other spouses in between FDR and Clinton’s presidencies were just that — wives of the president, and a lot of their pet projects were more or less something womyn of decades past have always been interested in….from LBJ’s Lady Bird, who was deeply involved in beautifying America, to Jackie Kennedy who set the fashion trends, to Nancy Reagan with her famous “JUST SAY NO” drug propaganda to Barbara Bush and her push for Libraries and Literacy.

I am not knocking them down, as they all did important work as First Ladies. But what gets to me is none of them were involved in politics of any kind. Even the current President…what the heck does his wife do? She definitely isn’t involved in any way with politics. (although I have to admit I like the fact she loves to shop at K-Mart-lol!)

Hillary Clinton was very involved while Bill Clinton was President. She tried to put together a national health care plan that has been blocked, and she was often an advisor to Bill in legal issues. Bill once said Hillary was the one who should run.

SO… is Obama facing a double whammy with a potential future president and a definite past president? I wonder how he is dealing with it. Bill has been coming down hard on him. Never underestimate the power of a hubby whose wife has been insulted! 🙂

What do you guys think?



  1. I don’t want a twofer in the White House. Hillary Clinton should be running as her own candidate without the influence of Bill Clinton. It’s disturbed me how active a role Bill Clinton has taken on in the campaign, to the point of spreading lies and disinformation about Barack Obama. I’m tired of the Clintons trying to relive the 90s, and that’s a part of the reason why I support Obama.

  2. Hi
    I can understand how tired you are hearing Clintons trying to attack Ombama.. that it is the way people are as always .. every elections for many years everyone poke and critizes each other which is very common during election racing.

    But to me I do not think Obama is quailfied for the President job yet because he is only 47 years old and has been in the government service since 2005 that he had been US Senator of Illinois. Only not even 3 years in the serives. It is not because of his color of skin.. it is the experince he is lack of.

    HIllary Clinton is 62 years old and have been in political for more than 25 or 30 years as you can see that she has been very invovle in many things to help America for better lives such she tried to get Health Insurance for everyone but failed. She wants to change and help America to have better health insurance. and many things too.

    Therefore, I m in favor to vote Hillary Clinton ..not because she is woman nor wife of former President . She has a lot of expericnes for years. that we need her to help for better Ameircans.

    Thank you for sharing

  3. What I would like to see Ms. Clinton as Prez and Obama asd Veep so we Americans can be proud of 16 years of Democratic leadership from the White House. I just hope Obama foresee this and accept being Veep. I don’t think Hillary is humble or less arrogant to serve as the veep. What do you think?

  4. Actually, humble or not, Hillary DOES have a lot more experience compared to Obama. I honestly think if Obama is the president/ Hillary is the VP would be an insult to America….

    Dont forget there is also another guy running, John Edwards, who want people to know he is here too! *chuckle*

  5. Actually many of us still love Bill Clinton. He did great at the White House even with his stupid screwed up at the end. The only difference, he got caught! Past Prez got away with it. Now, if Hilliary got caught, what news that would be… and why not? Smile.
    Lets hope that will never happen.

    I also love Oprah! She been great bringing hot issues ito the media for years. Aint that a twofer? They may not be married to each other but, she is powerful influence such as Bill.

    Beside, Hilliary got her share of lies going around about her too.

  6. Actually, Obama has more than 3 years experience. He was in the Illinois State Senate for 7 years before becoming a US state senator. Before that he was a civil rights lawyer and taught constitutional law.

    He’s not nearly as inexperienced as the Republicans and Hillary’s campaign would have you think.

    How much experience does Hillary have, BTW? She’s been a US senator for only 4 years longer than Obama (she was elected in 2000, he was elected in 2004). So, counting his Illinois Senate years, Obama actually has 3 more years of actual public office experience than Hillary.

    If you prefer Hillary, that’s one thing, but you can’t really cite public office experience as something Hillary has over Obama.

  7. how do you know what hillary is about….go to her website. No captions…no mention of disabled people or ADA.

    Hillary could have had captions for free, she DIDN’T WANT TO!!! ProjectReadon.com was willing for free….she said NO!!!

    Obama is the only candidate that cared about deaf…wanted to include deaf. Do you want a president that ignores you??

  8. Hey Tara,

    How you did you get a response from Hilliary! Obama has a Deaf person volunteering on his campagin team helping out with ADA and Captioning.

    Im still waiting to hear from Hilliary campaign office to volunteer on captioning.. I havent heard back yet.. Who did you talk to??

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