Hillary’s Momentary Emotional Lapse

January 12, 2008

By Vikee Waltrip

Watching Hillary Clinton all these weeks and months, I was constantly amazed at how composed and cool she was, through the debates and countless hours of campaigning, not to mention her duties as a Senator from New York. 

It is so refreshing to watch Hillary, who continues to stand her ground and deal with the constant attacks on her character, her platform, and her ‘COLDNESS’. Aren’t the others just as COLD?

With the presidential politics being a predominantly WHITE MALE-dominated field, its refreshing to see that both frontrunners are not the traditional old white man candidates. The frontrunners are also courageous in campaigning in TODAY’s climate because only in America would womyn and black men be oppressed and forced out of the “American Dream”. Yet they are running to become president of the United States of America. I find this very inspirational and hopeful.

Now I want to talk about Hillary’s momentary emotional flash right before the New Hampshire primary. I was thrilled to see her show that side of her, because FINALLY we can see she is as human as we are. BUT I understand why she keeps it closed and cool….politicians are some of the nastiest people on this earth, (not to mention reporters). For Hillary to show even a glimmer of emotion becomes a HUGE issue of “can she handle herself in times of stress?”

Glenn Beck from CNN Headline News was criticizing and making fun of her, which pissed me off and has turned me off to his program (which I once loved). Obama and other candidates used this emotional lapse against Hillary.  What a bunch of jerks! Oh, they don’t have emotional moments either? I for sure don’t want to elect another Bush who is cold, stupid and unemotional.

Well, the New Hampshire voters have spoken! A lot of young womyn voted for Hillary because of that moment of “Humanity” she had shown and yet continued to move forward. THAT’S the kind of leader I want — someone strong, cool and human.

So if she is emotional again, she has ALL my support! You Go, Hillary Girl!



  1. Go Hillbilly! 😀

    Jean for Hillary 2008!


    Obama is inexperince and too young to run this time.
    Hillary will be the best one this time!!!

    Go Go Go Hillary!!!

  3. I am thinking about voting her, but I am not toooo sure yet. If I don’t like Republican, I’d vote Hillary for sure.

  4. Lets not forget, past President including our current “unemotional” Bush did shed a tear. Ive seen it, and it no different.

    This is the longest campaign Ive ever seen in my entire life, I love it… For them to meet so many different folks all over the country, Ill be crying too!

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