UPSIDE DOWN in New Hampshire!

January 9, 2008

By golly, what has happened in New Hampshire?? Before we delve into an armchair analysis of the New Hampshire primary results, we want to throw in a burning question — how many Deaf and Hard of Hearing ACTUALLY participated in this primary? We will LOVE to hear from you Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks in the Granite State!!

The way we see it with our Deaf eyes, the biggest losers in the New Hampshire primary are the pollsters and the media!! Once again, the message that resounded in Iowa repeated itself in New Hampshire — change, change, CHANGE!!! As of today, the day after the Granite State primary, all the media outlets have been full of lamenting analysis, wondering where they went wrong in their predictions.

The bottom line is that there is now NO FRONTRUNNERS at this point, in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Also our Deaf eyes can see a trend pointing to a “voter rebellion” or something like that. Voters are saying, “Enough is enough!” After the Iowa caucuses, the media “coronated” Barack Obama and wrote off Hillary Clinton, predicting a double-digit lead victory for Obama.

Well, as of yesterday, the New Hampshire folks went to the voting booths to prove the media and pollsters absolutely wrong! Besides this huge surprise, everyone were clamoring over the fact that in both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, the independent voter bloc rose up and for the most part joined in the Democratic ranks. This made several political pundits wonder if this was a portent of things to come in the presidential election in November.

Another surprise coming from the New Hampshire was that Senator Hillary Clinton had outdone her husband Bill, who came in 2nd place with 8 points behind in the 1992 New Hampshire primary. Bill Clinton went on to win the Democratic nomination and became president, defeating President George H.W. Bush, now known as Poppa Bush. Congratulations to Hillary on this historic milestone!

The next stop will be Michigan which will hold a primary on Tuesday, January 15th and then the Nevada caucus on Saturday, January 19th. We will take a special interest in these elections as they cover diverse geographical areas and demographics. Yes, we will bring reports to you Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters!!

Prior to publishing this post, MSNBC Politics announced that Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico was dropping out of the Democratic race, and we updated the information within this blog. However at the time of publishing this post, we learned that Governor Richardson announced through radio that he was NOT backing out. We will keep you posted and please disregard the incorrect information on display in this blog (we will modify these pages with updates in the next 24 hours).

Now back to the burning question — how many Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters did participate in the New Hampshire primary? Also, did Hillary Clinton’s victory come as a surprise to you? We will LOVE to hear from you!



  1. I’m not from the Great State of New Hampshire but I need to ask you if you are really serious about being happy for Hillary, given all that’s happened in the past 20 years between her and Bill? We fought for term limits and now we want to vote for spouses of ex Presidents?

  2. Hello DT,
    Thanks for your comments, and you did bring up some valid points. Before we go on, we want to clarify that we didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton. In the “UPSIDE DOWN in New Hampshire” post, we were only explaining the huge surprise across the country about Clinton’s victory as we were under the impression that Barack Obama would win, based on polls and surveys and especially after his strong victory in Iowa. We were wondering if our readers experienced the same surprise or shock and we asked for your opinions and comments.

    However, you brought up excellent points about term limits and about spouses running for President. As for the presidential term limits, it is already built into our Constitution, after the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt who served four terms. Because of this, the Congress and the American public added this amendment to the Constitution, limiting any presidency to two terms only, following the example of George Washington who declared that two terms were enough.

    As for spouses running for President, there is nothing in the Constitution forbidding this. One may say this can be considered “neopotism.” However, there is a presidential order forbidding family members to serve together at the same time, signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson who resented Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s prominent role in his brother President John F. Kennedy’s administration. (We welcome any comments that can clarify or explain this situation more.)

    The fact that Hillary Clinton is running as a presidential candidate is perfectly legal, whether we like it or not. DT, you bring up a valid point about people being fed up about the last 20 years. I read somewhere, either in a magazine or a newspaper that the American public is now very weary of the last 20 years being run by 2 families — the Clintons and the Bushes!! That’s American politics, and this is an opportunity for all of you to keep it this way or change the political landscape — THROUGH VOTING!!!

    I have a question for you, DT. Do you plan to vote this year or not? We will love to hear from you!! Again, thanks for your great comments and questions!

  3. I also want to ask something of DT.

    Other than the Monica Lewensky BS, that happened while BILL Clinton was in the White House, what else has happened between them. All I see is Bill supporting Hillary for US Senator and working as an ambassador with “41” (George H W Bush) in helping to bring funding support for disasters around the world, namely the Tsunami that hit southeast Asia two years ago.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me on what happened between BILL and HILLARY. Im curious.


  4. This is good stuff… Im learning history here… I was around during Kennedy’s glory but too young to read the New York Times then. (Been busy playing softball!)


    Hey Vikee. what happened between Bill and Hillary? They become the most powerful couple in politic ever in the history. How often do we see that. I learned the Roosevelt were powerful, but not til they both Dead! This is a role model as partners I like to see more often in the future.

  5. I was too, BJ, but had the TV to listen to….that was before I lost a lot of my hearing. Used to spend hours with my mom in front of the TV during these events and learned so much during that time….later years, as a teen, it was too hard so would read the newspapers LOL!

    Glad to see you here BJ! 🙂

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