Change, Change, CHANGE!!!

January 4, 2008

Ahhh, the Iowa caucuses have finally arrived, after months and months of endless speculation and punditry! The biggest news out of Iowa is that Democratic, Republican and independent voters are FED UP and that it is time for change! Now, why should we Deaf voters be concerned about what happens in Iowa and the rest of the country?

For one thing, one of the privileges of first-class citizenship is being able to vote and participate in this grand process called democracy. Secondly, we are going through a time of major crisis in our country, what with two war fronts, rising fuel costs, health insurance crisis, to name a few. It will be sheer irresponsibility if we Deaf people stay on the sidelines observing the “hearing” politics and not doing anything about the stakes our country is facing.

With the introduction of this DEAF DEMOCRATS blog, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing voters will have an opportunity to participate in public discourse and get acquainted with candidates and issues. The information shall be presented through Deaf eyes and from the Deaf perspective. Also, one of the upcoming features will be polls and surveys from time to time to gauge the pulse within our community.

Just like the message coming out of Iowa, the time has come for our community to change, change, CHANGE! No excuse to say that politics have nothing to do with us, not anymore! To vote is our right and also our enormous responsibility as first-class citizens.

By the way, congratulations to Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee on their huge victories in the Iowa caucuses. Onward to New Hampshire for the primary on Tuesday, January 8th!



(Source of Photo is unknown. It has been circulated on the Internet during the 2004 presidential campaign.)



  1. Great to see this…want to see more views on the campaign among us Deafies like what they hope to see happen, who they feel will be qualified and why, etc. Thanks for setting this up.

  2. Tom will love it!

  3. Go Hillary!!

  4. HEY HEY Deaf Democrats,
    I feel better a lot that finally, You are Deaf Democrats in your blog and Thumbs up.
    Hillary is very very experienced. My wife and I support OBAMA. You know that USA still has bad feelings towards the Clinton and most people do not like like Hillary. There are too many people that hate the Clinton and will NEVER vote Hillary. Too many bad memories with them. Just like right now so many people hate Bush and they won’t forget. I think it’s time for a new person. OBAMA is serious and straightforwards,honest. My wife and I are strong DEMOCRATS. Bush is STINK.
    Thanks for sharing your opinions.
    Thumbs up!!!
    Bobby L.

  5. I love that picture.. Too bad we didnt listen to him! Dog is smarter than you think!

  6. I do too!

    Who’da thunk the country was going to the dogs?!?!?

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